Monday, June 20, 2011

Two More White Knight Dwarfs

Well its been a long slog for these next two figures...the summer has gotten quite busy and finding painting time is becoming more and more difficult (I know...excuses excuses...:)).  But I finally managed to knock out two more dwarfs from WK's second set of core infantry.  One of these is assembled as a hand gunner and is painted in my regular Red and Blue color scheme though I have worked in some white elements to break up things up a little.  The head that I chose for this figure is one of the more interesting options that John Pickford came up with IMO.  The face has great character and I love the hat and feather.  Here he is:

The second dwarf I chose to arm with a sword and picked another very characterful head. This is another very interesting head sculpt with an "amish" style beard and big round cheeks.  This face took some time to grow on me but as I painted it I began to appreciate it more and more.  This figure is painted in a Blue, White, and Green color scheme that I will using for a small unit of swordmen.  I may opt to add a shield to this figure in the future so that it more clearly matches the front rank swordman that includes a he is:

Coming Next...
...I will be sharing the two finished front rankers from WK's 3rd release.  The pike dwarf is finished and the swordman just needs to have his shield finished.   Ugh...I've been working on a free hand design for his shield icon and its been driving me crazy...and just tonight I scrapped off the paint to try one more time....wish me luck.


  1. Best of luck :-)

    Looking good Blue - really like the second set miniatures. First set was great, but the second set has so much more character. Can't hardly wait getting my hands on some of those. Hopefully it won't be long now. Right, Seb?



  2. Next month hopefully.

    Loving the green and blue colourscheme.