Friday, April 9, 2021

Blue's 2021 update! ...the Boar Boyz are coming!!!

 Hi all,

Sorry for the long delay between posts....I haven't been writing blog posts but I have still be painting!

 Again this year I am taking part in the Old World Army Challenge.  this challenge encourages you to paint a 1000pts Oldhammer army over the course of six z months...starting in January and ending in June.  In the past iterations of this Challenge I have painted my wood elf army and last time a good portion of my Puff and Slash dwarf army.

This year I've decided to add to the Wolf Rider Horde with a group of Orc Boar Riders!  As with the wolf riders this will be a mostly Marauder based force with some citadel boar boys thrown in for good measure.

as it is already April I can up date you on the first three months of here it is!  So far I have been focusing on Rank and File boar boys and command sections.  General and his Retinue will be painted in May.

Here is my January entry,

February Entry,

a combination of both months to form a unit of mounted archers,

and here are the Boys from March,

Its exciting to see these finally coming together...when combined with the wolf riders this will make a fantastic mounted Green skin army!




  1. Thank you for posting. So much consistent brushwork. My favorites are the standard bearer and the guy with the nose ring.

  2. Beautiful work, Blue - and will look impressive (and rather scary) on the table with the goblin wolf riders. Your opponents will be fleeing right and left 😊

  3. Good luck with the next 3 months, Chris!

  4. Nice to see them all in one post. Spectacular! I'd say the recent standard bearer is definitely my favourite. Looking forward to seeing the general and co.!

  5. Wow! Very nice. Great painting,I love these guys!

  6. It's such a treat to see these done so nicely! Most people use the "it's for an army" and "it's to a time limit" as excuses to trot out subpar paintjobs, but NOT YOU.

  7. They look amazing in force like that, Blue. I've got a squad of primed boar boyz, but for some reason, I've always been intimidated to start them. Seeing yours is the inspiration I need.