Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Marauder Orc regiment (MB2 and MM25)

 Hi all,

In addition to the Marauder Boar Riders that I have been working on for the OWAC, I had the opportunity to complete another unit that I've been longing to add to my army for many years.  I finally repainted and added to the Marauder Orc Warrior regiment that I've owned from my youth.

The MB2 Orc Regiment was one of my favorite units back in the day, and thanks to some selected internet purchasing I was able to flesh out the 12 warrior unit in a full regiment of 21 by adding some of the MM25 Orcs that were sculpted by Trish Carden (Morrison) for Marauder Miniatures that used the same scale mail armor and styling

This process required repainting the flesh portions of five figures that I had painted previously while painting all the other up from scratch.  here are the results!

And here are a few individual shots...

the banner is the original one that I painted up when I was about 16...but I have taken the chance to update it it a bit and add some shading and touch ups.  Very happy to still be using this classic banner from my youth even though it covers up the Bearer...who is one of my favorite sculpts from the MB2 Regiment.

 Thanks for stopping by. 

I'll be back with more Boar Riders before too long!




  1. Nice models, and nice painting job too! I can't believe you can do it in addition to the owac deadlines!

  2. Damn! What a great unit :) Special mention for the banner.

  3. Such a nice touch that it's your old teenage banner. Such a heritage item.

  4. Gorgeous work - as a unit, each miniature stands out but they all have cohesion too. And I agree with everyone else that the banner is something else. I always suspected that Orks were fine quilters at heart, and now I have proof!

  5. Lovely work! Ahhh - those orcs bring back memories... <3