Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Oldhammer in the Jerz!

Hi all,

I've been crazy busy with life but have also been getting alot of Oldhammering in and finally have a minute to get a new Blog Post out.

The first weekend in November saw the Gathering of Oldhammer types in the Great State of New Jersey for the Oldhammer in the Jerz' event...which basically filled the roll of OHNW2017.  the event was pulled together by Nigel and his local crew and the venue was a nice Masons lodge that had all the comforts of home and plenty of space for gaming.

I had the opportunity to play mostly Rogue Trader games and had a lot of fun doing it....but there were plenty of other games going on as well as much trading and painting and general hobby work and banter.

The following is a dump of photos that showcase some of my favorite moments of the weekend.

Chris M's Amazing Ogre force

Dyer's Crimson Fists

Dustin's Imperial Guard

Mordhiem Table

Jeff K's Nobs

Orks Take Cover

Musical Interlude by Dave!

Awesome Pulp Alley Game on this great table

Renegades ADVANCE!

The Ugly Crowd!
 It was a really fun event and it was great to catch up with so many excellent New World Oldhammer Types...Special thanks to Nigel for pulling it all together and to my boy Dustin for all the great Games and good times.




  1. Wow, excellent, looks like you had a great time. Love the boards, the Rogue Trader Orks, Ogres, and the Chaos Renegades especially.

  2. Those Crimson Fists must have been painted by a genius!

    1. nah...I heard it was some Hack that was too lazy to show up at the event...

  3. Great write-up. I recognize the back of my balding head

  4. By Crom, those are some mouthwatering pictures, Blue. That was quite a conclave!

  5. An photodump of an event that's actually full of well composed and nicely lit photos! This is a rare treat!

    1. Thanks bud! There were of course many other crappy photos that didn't make the cut. Also I borrowed Nigel's portable LED painting lamp to help supplement the rooms lights for some of these made a big difference.

    2. Light without wires!?! Sorcery!

    3. I’m going to need to get on of those magic lamps. My ogres look a lot better with it.

  6. Looked like fun Blue, I was sad to miss it.