Wednesday, December 6, 2017

...Somewhere in a Fly-Over State....MONOLITH!!!

Hi all,

Well here is the second of my Photo-Dump posts.  Last time we looked at some of the excellent gaming that happened at Oldhammer in the Jerz...

...this time lets look at some pics from a slightly smaller event.

Just one week after the "Jerz Incident" I found my self on a plane flying across the country...past major Metro areas...

But ending my trip in the middle of some random Fly-Over state whose name I forget...

Here I met up with the rest of the Monolith boys (minus K) and and we quickly sequestered ourselves in the basement for the entire weekend... was Glorious!!! was like I was 14 again...except with much better terrain and completely painted armies!

There were games of Rogue Trader, Warhammer Fantasy 3rd ed, Rogue Ops,....we attempted to capture Ambulls and to free Frogs frozen in Carbonite.  We fought Zombies, Orks, A horde of Chaos...Squat operators...the Emperors finest, Space Pirates, exploding Dogs and all manner of other combatants.

Hell...we even played Heroquest!!!

As I said... was Glorious.

Luckily my compatriots were much better at taking pictures and documenting the battles for future get the real story check out the following Blog posts of those more talented than myself.

Ambull Hunting
Beach Landing RT Style
Chaos Vs. Dwarfs
Rogue Ops
Rogue Ops 2

I contented myself with just gaming as much as possible and having a great time doing it...


Anyway...Like I did with the Jerz is a photo dump of some of my favorite pics from a really amazing weekend of Oldhammering...


the Emperor's forces hit the beach!

Ork, Dumpster Diving

Some of the Ugly citizens of GraveSkul

Genestealers Attack!


Renegades Advance!

Knock Knock!

Air lifting Slann Solo to safety!

The Tiger is BURNING!!!

And on the Fantasy side...

Dwarf Main Line


Dwarf Warriors emerge from the mine

Vasken Kills my General...sigh

Classic Warhammer Armies Pose by Grove



The Meatgrinder

Overhead at the start

Cav Goes in


Snarf Snarf



 Cheers for now!!



  1. Glad you didn't fly over? Geeze, what is it with you folks? Maybe you just like paying too much for stuff. I have to say I'm glad you can get intercontinental flights that fly over the coasts since there's really not a whole lot of reason to stop there anymore. . . . Except maybe oldhammering. There is always that. ;-)

    I am jealous. That looked like a great time.

    1. Just messing around...I'm from one of those "fly-over" states myself!

  2. Some wonderful photos. Enough to make anyone jealous! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Replies
    1. hey he is from a privately commissioned group of figures...sadly no longer available...:(

    2. Gnarly all the same. Any chance you have a few pics at different angles?

  4. It was a great time. I think you also forgot to mention we had beer. Some great photos in there. Thanks for linking to my reports as well.