Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Its the Happiest time of the Year!!! Oldhammer Season!!! Part I

Hi all,

For the past couple of years the weeks before thanksgiving have become my favorite of time year...the Oldhammer season!!

Once again this year I was able to attend two amazing events on back to back weekends and both were a ton of fun.

The first was the Oldhammer in the Jerz event hosted by Nigel Wood in Little Falls New Jersey.  There were quite a few good games...lots of excellent trading...and most importantly fantastic TACOS!!

The second Oldhammer event of the Fall was Monolithcon!!  A small event hosted in the middle of America somewhere in a lonely and desolate corn field.

For this post I want to share with you some of the pictures I took while at the Jerz event...I'll put the Monolithcon shots up in a couple of days...

Highlights of 2nd Oldhammer in the Jerz...

Bugs advance through the hive...

...and then attack!!!

Acceptable losses...

Look at that sexy Dark Elf WEDGE!!!

all hail HYDRA!!!

"Wheres the rest of my squad?"

Space Pirates hoping to sneak up on some bugs!



The Showdown...
 It was a great event...and as you can see there were lots of great games being played.

Thanks Nigel!!!




  1. Those were some great games and taco feasts! Good hanging that weekend, dude!

  2. Happiest time indeed. We’re all a bunch of kids inside, happy to push around our toys

  3. The pics look fantastic! I love the vibe they instil :)

  4. So beautiful photos there..and some breath taking terrain! Looks like these were fun games!

  5. Nice! Some superb tables and figures there!

  6. Some cracking models and terrain! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Looked like a good time, I'm sorry that the timing has me unable to make it. Such is life. Those 40K tables deserve an honorable mention, fantastic looking terrain.