Thursday, May 17, 2018

Return to Chaos Renegades...2nd Squad Complete

Hi all,

I'm finally emerging from the post Old World Army Challenge painting slump and managed to finish a couple of Chaos Renegades.  Finishing these two also means that I have completed the 2nd Squad!! 

To finish out the 2nd Squad I did have to transfer one Renegade to be the seed trooper for 3rd he was just too similar to one of the figures already included in 2nd squad.  So I replaced him with a different bolter armed renegade and added another Heavy weapon trooper to the unit...this one a fungoid body renegade with a conversion beamer.

Here is a group shot showing the complete 2nd squad.  Below are individual pics of the new troopers and some discussion of each.

To replace the "Halloween" themed renegade that was shifted to 3rd Squad I chose the bolter armed renegade with a bird skull looking face...a rather uninspiring mini in comparison with many of the others...

...or at least that is what I originally I painted him my appreciation for the sculpt increased and now I'm convinced that he is a great figure...

... you probably know I really enjoy painting anything that may have helpped shift my perception.. 😀

The heavy weapon trooper was a bit more of a challenge...for a number of reasons.

This figure has a fungoid body with Chitinous looking armor which is quite different from the power armor worn by most of the renegade figures...because it lacks the edging which I typically like to pick out in a contrasting the grey parts of the above figure.

With the heavy texture of both the armor and the fungoid body I decided to rely heavily on inks and washes for this figure. 

...I have limited experience working with inks...and they continue to baffle me after working on this figure.  In particular the purple armor completely shifted color when I applied the matte varnish coating when i was done painting...WTF is up with that?

That said the inks and washes on the Fungus portion of the figure seem to have worked out better and give it a very natural feel.

Here he is...

and to give you an idea of how much the color shifted with the matte varnish here is a WIP picture taken just before I varnished.

So...Inks are still a mystery to me and will need some further refinement of technique...

...but its nice to have these two done and the 2nd Squad finished off...

...that means I am half way done with my Renegade force!

Cheers for now!



  1. I'm no expert with inks either Blue, but I think that darker colours seem to exert a darker colour shift.....if that makes any sense? I've got some old Vallejo inks that are really super strong, I have to thin them like mad to have any control over them. They're blue and purple too as chance would have it. It's not just the brand is it?

    I actually like how they turned out, especially fungoid dude. Could you tell me how you got the effect on his fungoid skirt? I like it!

    You've got a pretty sizeable force of the evil guys now. What's next?

    Cheers mate :)

    1. Thanks Papa...yeah I highlighted the "skirt" up from a Pinky grey to a fairly bright grey and then applied a variety of washes and inks...mostly diluted purple ink but also a bit of the blue/black ink (nightshade?) and some green ink as well...basically I just let the texture do the work for me.

      As for whats next...I'm not really sure...I need to finish up my pike dwarfs...and any number of other long suffering fantasy projects. For the may be time to tackle the Chaos Dread!!!

    2. ...Oh yeah...also some Old Ogryn Flesh wash was used on the skirt...which is where the pink-ish portions of the coloration come from.

    3. Thanks Blue, I'll write that down and give it a try :)

      I was actually going to ask if you were going to do one of those Dreads! I'm keen to see how you paint him up.

  2. Top notch work Blue! I don't really think the color shift is that bad, it's still purple.Perhaps it looks more drastic in person.

  3. He's such a weird sculpt, his left arm is so far out from his body in a place you wouldn't expect looking at from the front.

    You're done a mega job on these! Transitions in the fungus half especially. Channeling Fraser Grey?

  4. Your chaos marines are one of my favourite Rogue Trader projects on the web. I find them all mesmerizing, and these are no different.
    I wish I could offer some sort of insight into the mystery of the darkening inks. I dabble in inks every once in a while, but I really don't know what I'm doing.

  5. What I'm are you using? Some are reactivated if you apply anything over them, including varnish.

    In fact, inks aren't really the best to use in Marines unless you're just painting them into the recesses.