Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Battle of Gallum Pass...

Hi all,

I'm still in the midst of the Oldworld Army Challenge and have not had the opportunity or drive to blog about anything else...I'm almost done with my figure painting for the challenge though and should return to regular programming starting soon.

In the mean time...I have a little something different for you today.  This morning I was chatting with Airborne Grove about up coming projects and I decided to work up an all mounted Greenskin Army list.  As I grabbed my Warhammer Armies book to do some calculating I also grabbed an old note pad that was stored with my rule books.  As I flipped through this looking for a blank page to write on I noticed that it was VERY old and that it was a note book that I had done some writing in when I was but a beardling...The writing in this notebook dates from 1990 or 1991!!

And I thought I would share one piece of what I found in this ancient tome...

...So I present to you a story that has waited nearly 30 years for its public debut...and I present it in the hand writting of my 16-17 year old self...Horrendous spelling and all ... it if you dare...

...I klinda wish I had finished a few more pages of seems like it was just starting to get exciting.  When I shared this with ABG this morning, he pointed out a "Gettysburg" kind of feel to the story and I recollected that this was writen shortly after a visit to the Gettyburg battlefield with some highschool freinds...Plus I've always beena fan of the story of the 20th Maine Regiment and how they held the entire Union left flank at Little Round Top...certainly some influence from the novel Killer Angles shows up as well.

Anyway...just one of those random things that I had completely forgotten about from my youth.




  1. Yup now that I can read it fully, it reads like Gettysburg and Braveheart all at once. Looks like it would have been a summer blockbuster! ;)

  2. Great story Blue, and a nice find. I smell a scenario.

    1. It is a great story. I also like 16-year-old Blue's habit of capitalizing important Words.

  3. ok, so when is the re-fight. I mean that was a great setup, and I can see a table top in my head already!