Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Blue's Modular Table Part VII

So...lets wrap up the Table making for now!!!

As you may remember in the last installment I had applied the final highlights to the brown earth areas and had painted the rocks and rubble patches (including cliff faces) a medium grey and highlighted those as well.

At this point there is isn't much left to do...

...except for the water feature....but we will save that for the final blog post (cause I haven't done it yet!)

For the final texturing of the boards I went back in and added some static grass and tufts to strategic locations.  This added some variety and point contrast to to the dominant tan/green/grey areas of the boards.

Tufts were sparingly added to the rubble patches and tucked into crevasses etc. in the cliff faces.  This gives the impression of plants that found some level of protection nestled between the rocks and are growing out.

this one has the glue in place and ready for the tufts

 I also patches of static grass to a number of locations...mostly around rock and rubble patches ...but also occasionally on there own as well.

Here are all six boards showing the static grass and tufts

In an attempt to further integrate my bases and the terrain boards I used the same tufts and static grass that I use to give my figure bases some more character. Here are a few first pictures of figures on the boards and I'm quite happy with how well the bases and boards match.

So!  I'm nearly there!  I just need to figure out the water feature...and I've consulted with my expert panel of terrain builders and I'm finally ready to act!

...well...maybe by the weekend I will be... :)

thanks for watching!  back with more soon.




  1. Looking great- such variety in the tiles. I'm building up confidence to make tiles (I always just paint canvases) and your blogs are helping me get there. Thanks Blue!

    1. Great! Glad to hear it. I had a hard time getting started but once I did I really enjoyed the process and have already moved onto some other terrain related tasks.

  2. This is going awesome Blue , some forests and houses and will be TOP!

  3. Nice finishing touch to the boards. Water effects scare me. Good luck.

    1. thanks....I need it! Not only are they scary...but they aren't cheap!

  4. These are very nice indeed. I'm also building up to take on some terrain tiles , so great inspiration thx

  5. Realistic and wonderful terrain!

  6. Nicely done, Blue. It's incredibly satisfying to put together a gaming board, isn't it?