Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Whats for Second Breakfast??? ....BRAINS! White Knight Zombie Halflings

Its been awhile since I had a straight painting post...so its about damn time!

I had finished these figures about a month ago but I was keeping them in my "back pocket" as a potential entry in the painting contest in conjunction with OHNW...and I did end up using one of them for that purpose.  Now that that is out of the way its time to share them with the rest of you.

As many of you know I'm a huge fan of White Knight and his miniature range (LINK).  WK and I share an affection for Puff and Slash figures and he has had his cadre of sculptors producing some truly wonderful Renaissance figures for a number of years now.  One of the more more "fun" releases that WK has put out recently are the Zombie Halflings. 

Typically I'm no great fan of undead figures...they just don't do "it" for me most of the time....but the quality of the sculpting, the implied humor, and the puff and slash dress convinced me with these guys....plus they're HALFLINGS...thats awesome. 

Anyway...on with the pics!

Here they are as a group

And here are some individual close-ups.

First up the pointer!



"Split" personality!

And last but not least...the Thriller!

As you can see these guys just ooze character (amongst other things...!) and were really a lot of fun to paint.  I know that WK has some other zombies in the pipeline and I look forward to adding a few more to this collection.

Cheers for now!



  1. Splendid paintjob for splendid miniatures, Well done to both of you !

    Not only do these have th eright balance between humour and threat but your skin tone feels "righ" too. Yes, a rotting corpse is not that colour but at this scale it would look bad and this looks good. I'm a fan.

  2. I really like WK, and these are really painted up well.

  3. Great paintjobs. I love the miniatures, even though zombies is not really my thing.