Monday, November 10, 2014

Retained Knights...completed Not-Space Marine Squad

In the run up to OHNW one of the units I really worked to get complete were my squad of Retained Knights from Alternative Armies.  I finished the first half of this squad as an entry for the Lead Painters League earlier this spring...but I had hoped to get a game of RT in Baltimore this October so I pushed the rest of the squad through the painting queue.

....sadly the game failed to happen this time (Next time Bulldog!) but I'm still glad to have a finished squad to deploy on my sci-fi terrain...assuming I ever get it put together. is the squad as a whole...below are individual shots of the new ones.

Here is the new half squad...

And here are some individual shots of each trooper

Well...there you back to your regular programming...

...thanks for looking.




  1. They look great. It's interesting to look back at your test mini and see that almost everything was there. I really dig the colour you chose to use for your weapons.

    1. Thanks! the Weapon choice took some time but I'm happy with it now.

  2. I completely agree with daveb on your weapon color choice- it really compliments the green and gold tones of the armor, and it is light enough to really pop on the models. Fantastic job all around.

  3. Awesome looking minis! the group looks better than the sum of its parts.

    As mentioned, color choices here enhaces shapes of both armor and weaponr due to high contrast.

    It works so good, I'd suggest to invert it when doing an officer (pale armor and green weapon perhaps?)


    1. An interesting idea...I may have to play around with that. I do feel that this squad does not have an obvious leader type...

  4. Wow, they really came out terrific looking, your paint job sells those minis. The weapons color is really sweet.

  5. I like everything about these EXCEPT the feet...they just don't seem to match the rest of the models aesthetics.

    Lovely understated paint job though Blue!

  6. Hi!

    Cracking paintjob on those figures! Its the first time I've seen the 28mm scale stuff painted to such a standard but have to agree with the feet, they are a bit on the large side...

    All the best!

  7. Hey mr blue
    These are looking great! I especially like the smoothness in the yellow weapons; it's really brings a sense of unblemished plasteel or some other sci fi alloy I find it pretty amazing too that there is definately a sense of emotion coming from within that lazer blade thin visor. As for the boots thing that's an old one: No it wasn't me who kicked his head in boss honest I'm only a size nine while all you order in the catalogues are 12's. Works everytime