Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Rest of Averland...Part VI...the end....finally

In my last post I alluded to another commission that I was finally able to finish up...lets take a look... 

This one was a really joy to work on because it included so many really fantastic classic figures.  I am of course speaking of the group of Averlander's that I have been working on for thebinman for far too long.

I've discussed this group in some detail elsewhere so lets just get into the pictures.

First off is the group that has been completed the longest...a wonderful combination of races that makes for a very evocative little group.

 Here we have several of my favorite figures...S. Baldhead is one of the greatest figures of all time IMO (the giant scar on his face spectacular!) ...the Marauder Ogre is superb...and the Marauder Dwarf MM15 is one of the best dwarfs from the Marauder range.  Of course the Marauder halfling is also great...a surprise for me as I have not been fond of the sculpt in the past...since painting this guy I've "had" to track down a complete set of the Marauder halflings...

The rest of the force is all human figures but also includes some true classics....lets take a look.

From this group I'm really fond of the Halberdman...just a classic sculpt.  I also really like the noble with the pistol...though his face was really roughly sculpted and challenging to paint.

This group is most of the missile support for the warband.  On the left we have the Game Keeper...I love that he has traps hanging all over him.  On the Right we have the Targeteer who looks like a classic Robin Hood sculpt if I have ever seen one...another figure I was not that fond of until I painted him.  I also like the axemen from this of two sculpts based on the same dollie...the other being in the group above.

This group are the swordsmen...and classics all!  My favorites being the guy in the middle and the one with the red shield...he is just strolling along and ready to kill someone at the drop of a hat! (also has a great scar!) The guy second from the right is a really odd sculpt...strange proportions in both body and face are somewhat mitigated with paint...but still looks a bit odd IMO.

and the final component of this force...Baldhead's trusty pooch...Fluffy.

So...lastly that brings us to the obligatory group shot.  I had attempted this for the LPL on a terrain board with less than stellar results...but I thought I would try again my normal lighting set up...I found it impossible to get everyone in focus...but this picture gives a great feel for the size of this warband.

Click for LARGER image

So all that's left for this group is to figure out how to package this guys so that the tufts on bases don't get completely crushed...

Thanks to thebinman for his patronage and extraordinary patience in the completion of this commission.

Cheers for now!



  1. A truly splendid group ! Both modles and paintjobs are sources of wonder really !
    I sometimes forget how characterful the empire can be when it's done right.

    This is getting dangerously attractive now...

  2. Gorgeous! Yellow is so hard to do right but you did a superb job with it, rich, deep yellow. Great photography too.

  3. Awesome stuff. An excellent warband, if I was getting them I would be on the sunny side of elated!

  4. Great looking warband. The 'odd' looking model is a Talisman model. Might explain the slightly odd proportions as quite a few of those models were very caricatured.

  5. Stunning work Blue :)
    I can't fathom sending these away to someone (even if it is their rightful owner)if it was e who painted them, it would be like giving up your firstborn.
    I'm gonna have to use this as inspiration to knock out a pale imitation as I have quite a few of those minis and have been working on a few Mordheim warbands.

    1. Trust me shipping these out is not easy...but I must clear the tables for future work in preparation for Oldhammer in the NW. Plus thebinman has been very patient and generous in compensating me for my efforts with a sizable quantity of old lead for my collection. No regrets! (must keep repeating that...:) )

  6. This may well be one of my favourite things EVER. Such temptation to do something like this for myself.

  7. Excellent work, and some really characterful old skool figs as well; might be time to revisit Mordheim again!

  8. Your painting is absolutely splendid Blue, and that's a lovely spread of miniatures.
    Fluffy the Rottweiler is a great addition too.

  9. Amazing work. Really love the model choice and the fantastic paint job you have done.

  10. Fantastic! I'm glad your mojo has come back because these posts are very inspiring. Do you have the ability to manually set your aperture? I think that a tripod and f16 (probably even higher) would allow you to get more ranks in focus.

    1. I appreciate that suggestion...I have not messed much with the manual settings on my camera but trying to get shots like this one show me that I should explore the possibility a bit more.

  11. Thanks to all for your kind words. I hope to have more interesting models up shortly...