Tuesday, August 26, 2014

...and a Special Surprise!!!! I mean it this time!

So in the post I did last week on the fantastic Ewal Dvergar Xbows that have been recently released by Clam I hinted at something special in the title...

...and then forgot to mention that "something" in the post!  DOH!!!

Sorry about that.

So in my package from Clam there was a unique little figure that I had not expected to find.  I knew that Clam was sending me some Xbows and the standard bearer and musician ...but there was also this very clever little Ewal Dvergar Mage included as well.

When I queried Clam about this little surprise...he informed me that it was one of his OWN sculpts!!!  Fantastic...he is full of character and great little details!

Well done Clam!  and thanks for sending a copy my way!

If you need a Ewal Dvergar fix please visit Clams Blog here!




  1. Thanks mate �� hope you find a spot for him in your evil forces. Now start painting, will you! I need to see some professional painted pieces ��

  2. That's very nice/creepy.
    Definitely want one!

  3. That's a very nice interpretation of a chaos dwarf mage.

    Looking forward to seeing him painted.

    Lucky duck :)

  4. Very cool, jealous of the new fig, and great job Clam! But like he said, I want to see em painted - and some at the Oldhammer DAY. In fact, you should talk to Clam and find out if you can bring some to sell there - sure there would be some takers! Trading night and Friday. I just loved the ones you sent me (seen my warband, yet?) ;)

  5. OooOo. He's a sexy little birdy, isn't he? Want.