Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pandora's Box...

Some ebay sellers....are ridiculous!

You won't believe how much shit is in this one small flat rate box....

...first there was this bag of various Marauder dwarfs and a couple of Gretchins...

Then there was a bag with this Ork Boys, a bunch of bases, and a few more random dwarfs...

Then the big one...we have two Marauder Organ guns, a Throne of Power, part of an Anvil, a couple of other canon and all kinds of other random bits....

Surely that's it right.... wait! There's more! about a bag full of Ork StormBoys...

...and more! A bag of yet more misc Marauder Dwarfs....

...oh wait...then there is this random bag of oddities...

...and even this Runtherd...

All of this in one little box....and only the bags to protect them!  The only thing that saved them all was the fact that it was packed so tight that nothing could move!

I'm amazed it arrived in relatively fine shape.




  1. You should have seen my first ever purchase off Ebay! 3 RT IG heavy weapons gunners with guns. 6 pieces, quite small models really. It took about six weeks to turn up (posted within the UK) and involved constant reassurances from the seller that they were on their way. When they arrived the models were 'packed' in a small piece of bubble wrap about 2" square. That was wrapped in a small piece of thin yellow card (or thick paper, whichever you please) just big enough to fit the address on. No stamp! Somehow Royal Mail didn't charge me for delivery so perhaps the stamp had fallen off in transit. That seller got negative feedback.

    I still get stuff taped to pieces of card and just put in standard envelopes or things rather loosely packed, but nothing has been damaged in transit, yet.

  2. Awesome package Blue. The type I dream of, who cares about the packing when it got to you such good shape. So Orks on the horizon huh?

    1. To be honest....this purchase was a fishing expedition....the auction had a couple of really crappy photos and hinted at more figures than were I threw in a low ball bid and happened to get it. I'll hold not the figures that interest me most and sell the rest on. I was hoping there would be enough bits to finish a few more of the war machines...but ...oh well.

  3. I'm not the greatest when it comes to packing. But at the very least mine go into padded Jiffy bags. But boy what a great lot of Orks you got there :)

    1. Yeah! Some of the orks are quite good! How hard are the arms to find?

    2. Well, I had tons of the arms, I gave them all to Dr. The Viking, you can try and pm him on LAF and he will probably trade you some arms for anything of that Ork stuff you are selling. :)

  4. love those old Maruader dwarves. GW needs to offer some 3-D files of them to make some money off something they aren't selling anymore. Let people print 'em at home.

  5. That makes me want to type 'job lot' into the search field right now...

  6. Oh, and once I got a load of 1st edition plastic genestealers shipped to me in a bubblewrap envelope, needles to say it was a pile of broken arms and tails.