Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Four A Miniatures... Chaos Dwarfs II: "Thats 'Mister Tower Head' to You!"

Hello all!

Another of the fantastic miniatures that John P. asked me to paint for him is the other Chaos Dwarf that Four A Minaitures will be releasing in the future...a figure that John and I have been referring to as "Tower Head" (though I understand that another name may be forth coming...).

John really let his imagination run wild with this figure...The way I see is a crazy blend of at least four "Chaos Dwarf Style" elements of (this is totally my opinion of course...I have no actual insight into the workings of John's brain...and as you will see below it could be a dangerous place!):
  •  MM90 Marauder Chaos Dwarfs.
MM90s seen here with some of Clam's Ewal Dvergar (also Sculpted by John) and some conversions my me.
  • Classic Citadel Chaos Dwarf "The Master of Madness"

Note: Image blatantly Stolen from Warseer...this is not my work.

  • Rackman Dwarf Insanity

This is the work of arogers907 on Cool Mini or not
  •  John's big brain exploding with creativity!

Note: This is NOT actually John Pickford...:)

When you add all of that stuff together ....and John does his thing end up with something like this...

Tower Head
Be sure to note the sword hilt....

Love this Shield!  John "Face Icons" are becoming akin to Kev Adams' IMO.
This was a really spectacular model to paint.  I was a bit intimidated by the sculpt at first but once I settled on armor colors that I was comfortable with and set to work it all went rather smoothly....

...until I got to the Shield.

...I had totally neglected to think about how I would paint the shield when I was deciding on colors for the model.  Now the Figure was painted and I had to figure out a color for the Shield that would work with everything I had already done.

So I chickened out and went with black.  Black goes with Everything....or so my Wife tells me.

...And in this case I think it worked very well! I got to use the system for painting black that I have been refining and take it to the next level in highlighting the tremendous detail that John worked into the Face. For the eyes I used Tamiya Clear Red over a gray-white highlighted eyeball...Quick and effective.

Now it might be my favorite pat of the figure!

I'm not sure what the release schedule is for this figure so keep an eye out for an announcement from Four A Miniatures on your local forum.




  1. WOW!!! What a mini!!! Brilliant paint job too! And a nice treat seeing your whole unit of magnificent Chaos Dwarves again too, Blue in VT! Would be a dream to see them in action some time. Perhaps against your Marauder Dwarves...? (hope, hope)

  2. Blue, my man, what a job you did on that figure. I'm busting to paint mine now. I just love the hilt, a real Easter egg for chaos dwarf fans.

  3. Beautiful painting on a stunning figure. John just gets better & better :-)

  4. That is mental, for some reason I keep saying Master Blaster, whats that all about.

    Love the eyes on the shield.

  5. Great stuff!!! This model reminds me of a mix of The Labyrinth movie and the frenchmen from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The paintjob is just awesome!

  6. Really great stuff here, Blue. That mini is a staggeringly good sculpt, and you have nailed the paint job. I have to say after seeing it, though, that the name I would have gone with instead of "Tower Head" would have been "Face Groin."

  7. That is very odd... in a great way. Way to go to the sculptor for thinking outside the box... er.. inside the hat. And your paint job really brings it to life. Great work!