Friday, October 25, 2013

So...what did I buy? Dreadnought confusion...

So...earlier this week I picked up a couple of 40k pieces from eBay at a great price....namely two dreadnoughts.  I was only really interested in one of them but now I'm intrigued by the other.  Here they both are...

Quite a difference in style!

The rogue trader one on the left is the one I was really after.  I just really dig this guy and have for many a year...every time I look at this guy...

...I think of this wonderful diorama from back in the day (the dread's down at the bottom).

The other dreadnought is obviously of a much newer vintage...but my knowledge of such things is quite limited... what is this "goat skull" headed, Edward scissor hand having, walking shoebox of a dreadnought??  When was it produced?   It is quite a chunk of metal that's for sure!  I imagine I'll be passing him is he worth much?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated...




After reading the first comment I took a closer look at this dreads left arm and it has clearly been reshaped and filed down... Thanks for the tip Liam!


  1. Looks like Bjorn the Fell handed, a Space Wolf dreadnought circa 2nd Ed 40k. The 'goat skull' is extra, and it does appear that the upper lightning claw arm is different (should be a wolf pelt on there).

    No idea what its worth though. Nice finds either way.

  2. Yup its Bjorn the ''Fell Over'' lol. Still in production but alas in Failcast