Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Something Special up for Trade MM66 Reiksguard Knight

All's time to get serious about moving one of my precious MM66 knights along.....these guys are very rare and fairly valuable particularly since it comes with a horse as has taken me several years to collect 3 of the 5 sculpts but now it's time to focus on closing out some of my other needs..... so I'm looking for trade offers for this guy

Here is a link to my wants album...anyone want to make a deal? Wants List




  1. I have quite a bunch of the stuff on your wants list. Let me have a proper look later and lets get into some proper discussions.

  2. Wooo pony riders! the thunderous charge of My Little Ponys!

  3. Nice to see one of those knights, they were'nt too common at the time.
    Will be good to see them painted. :)