Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Recruits for the Oldhammer Gods!

Last Thursday saw me hosting another 3rd ed game at my house which pitted several of my work friends and associated against one another.  After being quite loud during our last game we had been relocated to the garage for this one.  This battle consisted of a combined force of humans and dwarfs commanded by Alex and Cher (with help from Black lab Shelby) squaring off against a Chaos and Greenskin force under the control of Tom, Samantha, and Paul.  The mission was to search a small farmstead located in the middle of the table for an undefined "target of priority."  Once again I didn't take enough pictures or notes to try and produce a real AAR but I thought I would share some pictures just for fun...

Chaos Hound Shelby hopes that little lead men are edible!

Alex and Cher Position their troops...

Watch Out! Paul has a Funny look in his eye! Sam doesn't seem too impressed with her first game...but she loved it by the end.
Cher Advances the Dwarfs on the Goodies left flank...hey girl your chaos attribute is showing! That's some pink hair!
Alex moves some of the human troops into the farmstead...
...out of the cabin run two dwarf treasure hunters carrying a dragon egg!  After them!
The Dragon Company prepares to receive a charge from Goblin Wold Riders (check out my new movement trays!)
The battle was a real defensive one had hot dice hands when it came to combat and everyone did when it came to Ld not much of significance happened for most of the night...until we were all bleary eyed and ready to throw in the towel.  Tom talked us into one more turn...I think this was turn 9 or 10...and then practically the whole left flank of the Good Guys gave way when the three remaining Chaos Marauders broke a unit of Dwarf thunderers...this led too...

...sad Cher.  We all bagged it and went home. It had been a long night!

We could have certainly played a few more turns...we had units that hadn't even gotten into combat yet...and the egg was still escaping off the table...but we were all crispy and ready to call.  It was a fun night and I have recruit a few more minions for my 3rd ed games!



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