Monday, April 8, 2013

Batch Painting II Part 8...the end!

Well...After an anxious wait by the mail box for the last shields to arrive that I need for my unit....and a blitz paint on them I managed to finish this unit off!  Here they are...

Here they are in 8x2 formation

But I will probably run 15 at a time...remember I play 3rd edition...15 troops was actually a viable unit in that I like them 5x3...

I slid my entry into the Bugman's contest with only a few minutes to usual! to bed!



  1. Very cool. i love the deep color tones and the faces are so alive!

  2. very nice good for fantasy or historical wargames

  3. Congratulations - enjoy the warm fuzzy feelings of a long and arduous job well done!

  4. Very nice. The colors are pleasing.
    The bases are quite effective as well.

  5. Replies
    1. Many thanks for sending them along Steve! They arrived in the nick of time.

  6. Stunning work on some of my favourite miniatures of all time blue

  7. thanks all...I'm happy with how these came out and look forward to having a fieldable force of these Bret figures by the end of the summer. More pictures they finish competing in various painting comps.