Sunday, August 19, 2012

Little Dwarves...Great Big Swords...Part 2!!!

Sorry for the lack of posting...the last few weeks have been quite rough as far as hobby time...and for once work is not to blame for it.  Two weeks ago I had my tonsils removed in hopes of eleveating some sleep apnea issues I have been experienceing.  I had hoped that sitting around for a week recovering would allow me to get ahead on some painting...but between the pain...and the pain killers it just didn't happen.  Now two weeks out from surgery things are starting to get back to normal in my throat...and I have finally gotten some painting done.

I've been plugging away at the wonderful White Knight Zweihanders for awhile now...and luckily the due date for the Bugman's Brewery Unit Painting Challenge was extended to the end of August so hopefully I'll have time to get them all finished up. The first six have been complete...minus the basing...which I will do altogether at the end.  I've got four others through the base coat layer...I have to have at least 10 completed for an actual entry into the contest...If I have time there are two more I can try to get done.

Here are the first 6

I better get back to it!

Cheers for now!



  1. Of your usual stellar standard, Blue. You really are one of favourite painters at the moment!

  2. Loverly as always - I'll have to kick the goblinoid habit at some point and oder myself a little allied contingent of these little fellas.

    Good luck with finishing your entry.

  3. @ Gareth...well thank you sir! that means alot!

    @ Thantsants...thanks mate...yeah I have to finish at least four more...which are about half done now...I would love to get six more done...but we'll see how long time lasts!