Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little Dwarves...Great Big Swords Part 3

I only have time for a quick post tonight as the fam and I are heading out for a long weekend before I left I wanted to get up pictures of my "finished" White Knight Zweihander unit I've been working up for the Unit Challenge over at Bugman's.  I say "finished" because I only got 10 of the 12 finished and now that I have the newly released segerant headed my way I will have a few more models to add to this wonderful unit. are the piccys.

Here they are ranked up 5 wide and two deep...

Here is Rank 2...

And here is the unit from a slight angle...
Ultimately I would like to expand this unit to at least 14 they will be deployed 7 wide...which, for visual purposes, I prefer...

Thats all for now...I hope to get the additonal figures done before too long...but you know how that goes!




  1. Love them. They look great. So much character. As always nice work Blue.

  2. Beautiful - a really striking unit. Banner's rather nice too.

  3. Ohh shoot, now I need to start collecting these too.

    Would like to see how the match up together with an unit of Marauder dwarfs.

  4. Really nice looking minis. I like them a lot. I'm so glad that this style of "old school" dwarf is being sculpted and sold, a new series. And, as always, your painting is top-notch. I can't wait to see photos of these on a wargaming table.