Sunday, October 18, 2020

Marauder Goblin Wolf Boys...The odd balls. we are again...

You may have thought: "He must be done now! after torturing us with all those blister packs..."

...but you would be wrong! 😂

Today I'm back with the Odd Balls of the Marauder Wolf Boyz Horde that I've assembling.

These are figures that don't appear in the packs...or have been "converted" in some way.  Several of them are figures sold as Infantry Goblins...but I have mounted them on wolves.  One of them used to be on a different type on mount all together! ...and one of them isn't even a Marauder miniature.

Anyway...Lets take a look. 

The first three are figures that were not intended to be on Wolfs that I "converted" to fit on a Wolfie..

The two on the right were sold in the MM30 Goblin Infantry range and both were from the MM30/5 pack which was the only one with archers.  These were both simple conversions and they look great on wolves.

 The third is the archer from the MM33 Goblin Chariot.  He is a beefy guy...a goblin body builder!!  ...but he looks good on that wolf! (the whip guy may appear in the future if another wolf appears)


The next two Odd Balls include one conversion of an infantry figure and one of a existing wolf boy into a standard bearer.

 The barely clad spearman is another MM30 Goblin

And the other is MM32/2 wolf boy that arrived with a broken spear...I have taken the opportunity to turn that into a standard bearer. below is an unaltered copy

Next come two more MM30 conversions.... 

The chain mail Coif rider is from MM30/2, and the hooded rider is built on the same dolly and is uncatalogued. (though I found him on CCM)

Here we have the mounted Mage.  This figure originally came with a giant spider to ride...but a little filing and carving and he fits on a Wolf fantastically!


The next Wolf rider is actually a citadel Goblin infantry standard bearer that I have slapped on a wolf and put in with the marauder lads.  I think he fits in quite well. 

And finally...just because no project is ever completely is another standard conversion I've been working on.  this one is  conversion from a damaged copy of MM34/2 goblin wolf boy and the helmet of an old Citadel Chaos Dwarf.  He will be added to the mounted archer unit when painted. that actually wraps up the Marauder Wolf Boys!!

Now I'll start on getting some decent group s mighty horde already!

and then...I can start posting about the citadel wolf boys which are coming along quite well!





  1. That's marvellous. Right, we need group shots!!

  2. Shazam! Beautiful! I love them. Your painting really brings out the gobbos' nasty character and the colors on the wolves is very realistic. Very nice.