Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Marauder Wolf Boys Intro and MM32/3

 Hi all,

I'm finally back with some finished Wolf Boys!  I'll start this parade of Wolfie goodness by having a look at the classic (and my favorite) Wolf Boys the Marauder MM32/34 Ranges.  The catalog pics for the old Marauder promotional material was based on Black and White line drawings of the figures ...which do a adequate job of capturing the figures features but don't really express the character of the figures fully.  While these are not the work of the "Goblin-master" Kev Adams, but rather from the talented hands of Trish Carden (Morrison), they are distinct from their Citadel brethren...but I find them a very appealing alternative.

Over the course of this project I have managed to get the whole range painted! but I'd prefer not deluge you with all the Wolf boys at I will present them blister by blister.

...and we will start with the one at the top of the column on the Right: MM32/3

And here are my painted versions.

All three of the figures from this blister are carrying spears...and the two on the outside are variations of the same figure.  Still, I like all of these figures.  The two on the right are ones that I had previously painted which I touched up and redid the skin, far left is the only completely new paint job from this group.

Here are a picture of each..."in the field!"


All three of these guys will be going into a unit of 10 Spear armed Wolf boys.

Until next time...




  1. Outstanding! Love the pea soup skin tones. I really like these minis too. A blister of 3 of these were among the first Warhammer minis I ever bought. They don't exactly blend seamlessly with the Citadel Wolfboys but they have a lot of impish, nasty character and I've always loved them.

  2. Looking great! I've been following them on IG, really nice minis and well painted.