Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Marauder Wolf Boyz...Part Duex Plus One! 4th ed Models Riders Complete

Hi all,

I'm finally back with the completed riders from the 4th edition Goblin Wolf Rider release.  I've been plugging away at these while trying to work and home school at the same time so they took a little longer than I expected but I'm really happy with the result.

This group is full of great characters and the musician is certainly a favorite.

Here he is again with the rest of the Command section...

Unusually, the Hero and the Champion might be my least favorite figures of the lot...while the musician and standard bearer are some of my favorites.

Here are the Spears...

There are two different sculpts in this release with their tongues sticking out...which caused me to ponder something I had never really considered before...

...What color is a Goblins Tongue?

Here we have the Archer contingent...

These are all a treat...though the guy with his sword out (center left) is a personal favorite.

And Finally here are the Hand Weapon troopers...

...Again I think that all of these are great...huge character from each of them.

This group was a real joy to paint and I look forward to getting them on mounts some time in the not too distant future.

...I have also started to wonder if I shouldn't expand this to a Shock unit and a Missile unit. 

But...for now I will be returning to the older Marauder Wolf Boys with a few new additions to those units...then I will start priming the Citadel Wolf Boys!!




  1. Looking awesome. Can't wait for their wolf buddies!

    1. I'm excited to knock the wolves out in one giant batch so I've got to do some more riders first...but that is on the horizon.

  2. These are excellent. You have the patience of a rock to work on so many at once, and get them to such a good standard. Hats off to you Blue!

    1. Thanks Mec. "Patience of a rock" eh? lol...my Ma has told me I'm "stubborn as a rock" since I was a child. But maybe its that Stubborn streak that forced me across the finish line with this large group...so you may both be referring to the same thing! haha

  3. Those are some awesome looking riders... that unit will be fantastic

    1. Thanks Maj. G! I'm excited to see it done too!

  4. Very jealous mate - not only are they beautifully painted (impressive detail on that musician's horn!) but I too have pretty much the same set but sadly with no wolves. I got rid of those awful plastic ones and have been searching for suitable replacements ever since - including marauder/citadel ones but now I guess I know where they all went ;) They are great minis as well - some of the best goblinoids to come out of 4th ed I reckon.

    1. Thanks Thantsants. Keep your eyes peeled...I just snapped up another three wolves the other day, they do float buy on occasion.

  5. These look great Bloo!

    I think you might be the only dwarf player I know that also fields, or will do in the not too distant future, a goblin army as well :)

    Also, I found a little game to play with you goblin posts. Look at all of the photos and imagine that their facial expressions are in fact linked to the wire that has been shoved up their arse instead. It made me laugh anyway :D

    Take care.

  6. Oh, I'm so in love with all these!