Friday, May 27, 2016

Chaos Renegade #6

Hi all,

It been a bit longer than I had hoped since my last post...but here we are again with a continuation of the Chaos Renegades that I have been working on lately. 

This was actually supposed to be Renegade #7....but I got so frustrated with the other one I have started that I had to put it down and pick this one up in its place.  As it was the complex colors on the other that were driving me crazy I opted for colors that I have a better handle on for this one.

Red and Grey are pretty straight forward right!?!

So here he is with his mates....individual pics are below.

Solo Shots...

I hope to be able to finish off that other Renegade this weekend.

Cheers for now!!



  1. I'm getting a massive RoC injection right now... feels so good ^^

  2. Nice Blue, keep on plugging away.

  3. Great looking Renegades, I can't wait to see more :)

  4. Wow, great work. Very bright and very bold, love 'em

  5. Great looking models. The colors are bold and different but your painting style ties all the models together

  6. I really can't tell you how great this ensemble looks. They just pop right off the computer screen.