Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Terminator Squad 1...Studio Shots

Hi all!

I'm happy to report that I have finally completed a squad of RT terminators for use with Space Hulk.  I traded with the Mighty Brian K many months ago to acquire a First Edition of Space Hulk...and While I have messed around with the game using unpainted minis ...I now (finally) have a painted squad of Marines ready to go.

As with my other RT Imperial forces I've chosen an unusual color scheme.  I felt like painting my termies in one of the colors of an established chapter brought along all sorts of fluff  and "baggage" that I didn't really care to get into...or care about. So I opted for a somewhat generic chapter for now with a unique color scheme and NO preconceived "Meta baggage."  I may go back in the future to add chapter symbols and develop a name and some fluff for my "chapter" but for now I'm excited to be able to play a couple of games of Space Hulk with some painted figures.

As for color scheme...I've always loved the Quartered color scheme of the Howling Griffons...but the idea of painting that much yellow was unappealing...and in the end I picked the quartered pattern but chose to use Blue and Orange instead.   

To set off these colors I chose to paint the helmets and all the decorative elements on the armor a bone white color.  As you can see I have equipped this squad in the generic space hulk squad Sergeant, three bolter armed marines, and one marine equipped with a flamer (with Hazard Stripes!).

Here are a few more studio shots of the crew...

 Well that's all for now...back soon with a couple of action shots of these guys...

...stay tuned!




  1. Great work on those old guys, always loved them from the moment I first saw them in WD, I even a couple in my collection of figures that I still mean to get painted up....

  2. Beautiful, rich colours as always Blue. These old terminators still look the dog's to me even after all these years. Nice to see the yellow and black stripe effect on the flamer too!

  3. They turned out great blue. I can't wait to see the action shots. I have the recent edition Space Hulk plastic figures, they barely fit on 40mm bases and the genestealers have too much stuff going on.

  4. Absolutely awesome! These guys are the original and best termi's!!

  5. Hazard stripes for the win!

    Looking really good mate. I've only played one game of Space Hulk but it was a blast. Definitely one on the wishlist to acquire.

  6. Great work. Love the red and the bone white, as well as the colour scheme.

    I understand your reluctance to use an existing chapter. I haven't started my Marine yet and the choice of chapter is already driving me insane!

  7. What's not to love here! The color combination is great and they look awesome!