Saturday, March 12, 2016

Organ Gun...Studio Shots

Welcome back!!

Thank you all for the kind response to the last have certainly encouraged me to have more fun with scenic shots in the future.

Today I wanted to present to you the more formalized shots of the Organ gun and its crew.

This is the first war machine I have painted in many years (other than a swivel gun) and I had forgotten how much wood grain was involved!  I know many folks tend toward painting some of these old Bretonnian models as painted wood...and I was certainly tempted to do the same.  However my view of my Bret forces is that they are a hard fighting field army located on a land grant on the margins of the Empire...not those fancy parade armies you have back in the heart of I opted for unpainted wood.

I made a somewhat heretical decision with the wheels as well and went with these later edition spoked wheels rather than the solid ones this piece was originally sold with.  I've decided to keep my solid wheels for some of the heavier seemed to me that this lighter piece could use the spoked wheels more "realistically"...and I like the way they look.

The crew are are a mixed bag.  Our shirtless friend Gaston is actually from the earlier Citadel Bombard release...but I had to use him.  The other two armored crew members are from the 3rd edition Bretonnian releases.

I was pretty conflicted on what to do about his shield.  My stash of Bretonnian shields is fairly small and reserved for my knights at this point.  So I opted for one of these 5th edition (??) Empire shields.  I've used a number of these on my mounted knights as well so it ties in on that level.

The gun and crew were really fantastic figures to work on.  My love of the Perry brothers sculpting increases with every one of their figures I paint.

Cheers for now!



  1. What a piece of work, Chris. This is going to end up as one of the all time great armies.

  2. A fine piece of work ob an unusual miniature. It is not often we get to see one of these guns. Thank you!

  3. Your choice on the wheels makes good sense and I like the way you've tied it all together into a consistent unit. Too often our toy soldiers don't make much military sense, but I think your stuff does. At least enough to convince this fifty-foot armchair soldier. Gorgeous work.

  4. super cool! i love all your stuff!

  5. Outstanding job on this Organ Gun and crew...Awesome details, congrats!

  6. Nice wood grain technique, the crew tie in nicely with your backstory and look a bit battle hardened. I'm sure you will love the organ gun in game, they are beasts!

  7. Fantastic! Great choice of colours and miniatures

  8. I really love your paint job on these and the various (heretical) elements you used. I have the Bret bombard crew in my box of holding. One day I'll get to it.