Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wayne England...RIP

While I sat at my desk this morning plugging away at some inane project for work I was interrupted by a Facebook notification that hit me right in the hobby.  The notification was a post from Wayne England's wife Victoria informing the community that Wayne had passed away. 

Though I never had the pleasure of meeting Wayne in person he, and his art, have helped shape my vision of the Warhammer World since my childhood.  As many of you know Wayne's art has graced the pages of countless publications over the last four decades and given us all a window into the vast an mysteriously opaque world in which our hobby takes place.

But it was not only Wayne's amazing works of art that helped shape my vision of our hobby, but also his iconic dwarf army that he shared through several articles in White Dwarf.  I think it is fair to say that Waynes masterfully painted dwarf army inspired many youth like myself to collect and game with the wonderful dwarf figures being sold by Citadel and Marauder at the time.

As a tribute I would like to share with you some of the pages from White Dwarf that illustrate his fantastic army.

And here are few shots of this army in action...also from the pages of White Dwarf

It was these article and pictures that encouraged me to collect an entire army of metal miniatures from my dwarf army...even the color scheme I've chosen for some of them is directly inspired by Wayne's amazing work.

RIP Wayne England...you will be sorely missed.

Blue in VT


  1. I remember these articles and Wayne's dwarves vividly. I'm a big fan of Wayne's work, and I can still recall the first time I saw it appear in White Dwarf. Very sad news indeed.

  2. Sad news really - I also knew his models from old White Dwarves, these were one of minis which dragged me on the path ov lead.

  3. This is exceptionally sad news! As you say I never met the man but his works shaped my view of the hobby and I spent many an hour of my youth gazing at his exceptional art work. A talented individual who will be sorely missed. Hopefully he is rolling 6's at the great wargames table in the sky.

  4. Very nice tribute post Blue. This article is one of those that I can't be entirely sure if I read it at the time or since. I need to dig out my WD's.

  5. Great post man and great looking Dwarves right there! I've recently acquired a metal Dwarf army and will be using this for inspiration.