Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Imperial Dwarfs Update...Part Duex

I've spent the better part of the last week trying to clear my painting desk of the many half done projects that have been covering it all summer.  the following is an update on the unit of Imperial and Bood Wargames Dwarfs that I have been working on for quite awhile.

I have 14 dwarfs that are within spitting distance of being done...just Shields, Varnish, and Basing left to accomplish.  Here is how they look at the moment integrated with the completed Bood Dwarfs I posted about earlier.

Sorry about the crappy iPhone Pic...I'll get proper pics when they are done done. :)
And here are some smaller group pictures so you can see the latest victims a bit better.  I've really enjoyed painting these very characterful models...but I must admit to being rather frustrated with the sculpting of the eyes on many of the citadel models...making them look good has been very challenging.

I'm not supper excited about painting 14 identical shields...but I am excited to have this unit completed.

As I have mentioned previously these guys will be joining my 5th ed Bretonnian army as an ally contingent.  Hence the more muted colors than I typically used on my "Empire Dwarfs"

Cheers for now.



  1. Looking good man! Can't wait to run these down with my Chaos Horde!!!!

  2. A damn smart unit there, Blue. You've picked some of the nicest Dwarf figs there too!

  3. Wonderful brushwork as always Blue!

  4. This video from WSS has another way of handling eyes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byz-T7mtVUo

  5. I feel your pain with trying to paint eye's on mediocre sculpts. Having to repaint them ad nauseum until their looking "ok" is a real pain in the arse.

  6. Great looking unit, being so close to completion shoul dgive you wings !
    I share your pain with paniting undefined eyes, whenevr I have to paint some that are in undercut parts or less refined places.
    20 or so shields will be quite boring I agree but It's something you can do in the course of a evening with a good preparation ;)

  7. They look great! Don't be like me and leave them 90% done. Out of curiosity, did you paint the eyes before the flesh?

    1. I painted the whites of the eyes before the flesh but left the pupils until the end.