Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Oldhammer in the New World 2015 Prep...Part 1

Well....what a crazy summer it has been to this point.  As you could probably tell from my lack of Blog output I have been extremely busy with RL concerns the past few months.  Work and family are very demanding on my time during the warmer months...

...but one thing has been keeping my spirits up...and that is thinking about the Oldhammer in the New World Event that is now just a few days away!  

So here is a brief run down of what I'm trying to get accomplished Hobby-wise in the last few days before I head out the door.  As I knew that my time would be very limited this season I have also kept my goals fairly limited...and hopefully achievable...:)

First off I'm very excited to finally get my Bretonnian army onto the table for a game.  Long time followers of this blog have seen this force build slowly over the last two years and it has been mostly completed except for the hard hitting part of any Bret army,....the Knights.  So my principal for this years event has been to complete a unit of 10 mounted knights...plus a hero

Progress on these has been sporadic for more than a year but I have really been focusing on them for the last couple of weeks.  Painting horses is one of my least favorite parts of this hobby but I have been pushing through.  I have five knights pretty much done at this point and six more nearing completion.  Here are some pics...First some close up of the riders very much WIP

Those went along fairly well...its when I got to the horses that things slowed down.  But an hour here and an hour there and this is where I was at the beginning of last week.

As you can see I'm getting there...not quickly but getting there.  The five in the front are basically done....though I had an unfortunate situation with the Vallejo Matte Varnish that I sealed them with...it left white deposits where it pooled...ggggrrrr...here is a close up and you can see some of the "blemishes"

you can really see it in this close up....

Very Frustrating....to say the least.

But....after consulting with the brain trust over at the Oldhammer community and other knowledgeable hobby types I have found a solution to this issue...but it takes time I don't really have.  Basically I need to re-suspend the the varnish with Winsor and Newton varnish remover and spread it around to a thinner layer (thanks to Mr. Saturday and DarkBlade for the advice)....I also threw the Vallejo varnish away.  Sad really as this is the first bad experience I've had with a Vallejo product.

Anyway...so that's where I'm at as of Monday...I'm working away as fast as I can in the limited amount of time I have.  Tonight I hope to finish the horses...then its on to shields and basing.

I'll fill you in on other preparations for the event...if it looks like I will actually get to them...:)

Wish me luck!

OHNW bound!




  1. Good luck Blue! I'm sure you and the other attendees of OHNW will have a fantastic event. I can't wait to see the resulting covered!

  2. Good luck Blue! I'm sure you and the other attendees of OHNW will have a fantastic event. I can't wait to see the resulting covered!

  3. Good stuff mate!! I'm sure you'll get it done in time!!

  4. They look great, no opne will notice the odd pool of white varnish. I know that's not the point and you will know but honestly, you'll be the on ly one upset everyone else will just be in awe of your cool toys. Have fun and we want lots of pictures.

  5. I'm waving hands to send you as much positive energy as I can gather, you're going to make it one way or another so just enjoy the process ;)

    Looking forward to see you guys playing and chilling !