Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Edwin the archer...and champion eater!

Hi all,

Just a quick post to show you the latest product of my painting efforts.  Here is a classic Citadel archer who carries the moniker "Edwin" in the old citadel catalogs.  he is a fun sculpt, if a bit rough around the edges.  His portly figure adds a certain comic air to the figure that is sadly missing in most modern GW offerings.

I painted up this figure and am now sending it off to merry old England where it can join a whole host of other figures as a part of the Oldhammer Forums Community Warband project (<<click link for the entire thread on this project).  Each participant selects, paints and submits a figure matching the group theme (in this case a Lawful warband)....then once all "entries" have been received...one lucky participant will become the new owner of this fabulous warband.  there are some truly amazing pieces of art in the warband already and the new owner will be one lucky individual.

Anyway...here is my humble submission (note that the bases on all "entries" have been left bare so that the "winner" can base them all the same.)

This is the type of wonderful project that can happen in a real community like the Oldhammer Forum.  If you are not a member you should swing by and sign up...its a fantastically informative, inspirational and supportive forum.

Cheers for now!



  1. Nice work and excellent use of greens and other neutral colours. Got this chap in my own lead pile (and a couple of spares). If I ever get around to painting up my little band of rangers he'll be in there.

  2. He's wonderful ! I think the choice of model is especially good as it adds a touch of humour (well there's that giant too) with a chubby hero amongst all. This guy in the middle of the regiment kinda summarises what Oldhammer is in the middle of Wargaming as a whole.
    I just love the smile on his face, you can tell he's just plain happy to shoot at chaotics in the face.

  3. That's a characterful little chubby guy. I like the middle-aged Robin Hood look too, lovely painting as always.

  4. A very unique sculpt, you don't see many chubby archers. The cour and tones are dead on!

  5. I also love how that miniature is smiling - it adds (along with his paunch) to his general air of bonhomie. And thanks for the heads up about the warband project - I had missed that!