Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dragon Bait Miniatures Executioner and helper...WIP

After I finished up working on Johann (pic forthcoming once I finish his base) I turned my attention to working on some of the Dragon Bait Miniatures from their ongoing indiegogo campaign.

In particular I've been slapping paint on the executioner figure and his halfling helper. I'm really loving these Tim Prow sculpts.  

So before I left for my Christmas holiday back in Ohio with my parents I managed to get the flesh and black cloth areas finalized.  I'm not sure how well the shading on the black will show up on these iPhone pics but here is the current status of these two figures.

Work will resume in these as soon as I am back in VT after Christmas.

Be sure to stop by the Dragon Bait miniatures indiegogo campaign page and offer your support if you want some character figure to use in you Dungeoun adventures.



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  1. Those are great sculpts - can't wait to see the final paintjob. I love the flabby but not fat bodies. What kind of doughnut is it going to be?