Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dead Lead...Casualty Figures Part 1

Once again life has been draining me of the will to write blog posts.  After spending most of my day in front of a computer screen I just have not had the inclination to do more of that when I get home.

Wah wah poor me...pity party over..:)

On to more interesting things.

While my figure painting and blog writing had been slow, somehow I've still found the time to keep adding new figures to my collection...yes yes I know you are surprised to hear that.... ;)

My latest addiction has been casualty figures.  Why?  I can't really say where the interest has come from but I'm just going with it.

Today I received two wounded brettonian figures from the 3rd ed era that I have been trying to track down for quite a while now...and thanks the that most gentlemanly of collectors...Bridgend Steve I now can cross them off my wants list!

The more dynamic of the two is this foot knight who has just taken an arrow to the chest...

Just a great sculpt that really tells a story... Here is the back view

...and here is a special treat that I wasn't expecting... Check out his made me chuckle.  A perfect example of British understatement!

And here is a picture of the othe figure Steve sent you can see this poor bloke has already succumbed to his wounds.

I look forward to trying to work these guys into my Bret army or vignettes for future LPL entries.

I'm very happy to add these to the collection.  What's your take on casualty figures?  Cool?  Or waste of time?

Oh...and by the way...if you have any spare casualty figures...of any race...please let me know!




  1. He's just sleeping Blue :)

    In my youth I used to think casualty minis were a waste, but that was due to the fact that I barely had enough money to afford the able bodied one's I did have.

    I quite like them now, but I don't think I'll collect any....I've got far too many minis as it is!

    They look great though Blue.

  2. I love them! Some of my favorites are my Redoubt Trojans, and Foundry Aztecs. Really add a nice touch to a battlefield. I'm itching to get some of the "Casualties and Killers" from the Gripping Beast Early Saxons line too. A knife in the back, a boot to the gut... Cool stuff!

  3. Love them. They look great in mini-diorama units and I use them often, especially in my TYW and ancients projects.

  4. I do own the bretonnian casualty (wounded with sword) who happens to look a lot like the paladin from the adventurer starter set. I've been meaning to make alittle diorama with him but I still lack a proper dragon or monster to go with...
    Casualties are very good models just like civilians because they give another dimension than just war and battles, they show the result of battles, they enable dioramas, they stand out from the rest.

  5. I like casualty models and have the two Brets you show here. I like the idea of mounting them on slightly larger bases to create a little vignette. They'd make great battlefield objectives too. Someone on LAF made some medieval bases with casualties and loads of arrows to represent the effects of an 'arrow storm'.

  6. Although I don't have these Bretonnian causalities I do have a bunch of the Perry's Foundry HYW casualties from the same era that fit in perfectly. If I had all the time and monies in the world I'd have a causality to represent each model.

  7. two questions: can you be more specific with--- two wounded brettonian figures from the 3rd ed era. I can't find them on ebay or google. Also, where does LAF stand for with arrow storm or casualties. Where could I find them. thanks

    1. Joe,
      the third edition Brets are very poorly cataloged in general...most do not appear in any published catalogs. This bloke has the most thorough catalog that I can find...though it is in German:

      LAF stands for Lead Adventure Forum and here is a link to the thread that SCL was talking about: