Monday, January 27, 2014

Its the visor....gotta be the visor!

Just a quick post here...I'm home with my sick son today so ...multiple posts!

Anyway I really liked the way the visor came out on the Muster Troop so I decided to go back and try to do the same thing with the R. Knight.  Now the Visor slot is MUCH smaller on the knight than on the it was quite a bit more difficult to pull off...and messier.  But I like the in the future I will do this part first and avoid all the Clean up! he his with his new shades...

Yikes! this angle shows off some sloppy wash! and rough blending!

Thats all for today...Probably...?




  1. I'm really enjoying seeing these guys get your treatment.
    I've had a bunch of them in storage for years and never touched them, and now I'm inspired.

  2. That looks excellent especially the colour transition on the. "Jaw" section of the helmet.

  3. The highlighting is fantastic!

  4. Blue, I’m really enjoying this series – it may inspire me to get my own Crusaders out of the lead pile! Have you seen this blog on camo marines?
    You also said you were doing the bases for a “space hulk” scenario – this might help with painting:
    Well, how are the Retained Knights coming?