Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lead Painters League Round 9: Goblin Wolf riders

Once again sorry for the delay in getting the last LPL entry up in a timely fashion. The fieldwork I've been involved in with work has kept me awaY from home and from Internet I got pummeled in round 9...which makes showing off a team of losers a little less appealing. I'm trying not to take it too personally....I was up against Bugsda who is one of the consistently great painters that competes in the LPL...and my team was pretty rushed so I couldn't expect too much. For round nine I choose to do a team of Marauder world riders from the MM32/34 ranges. These are some of my favorite goblin sculpts and are a good counterpoint to the boar riders I did for an earlier entry. I'm also a big fan of the wolves that Marauder was producing at the time. They have great character and style...particularly when compared with the terrible plastic ones that eventually replaced them with later releases. Here is my entry photo and a couple of detail shots of one of the pieces...I'll try to get some more close ups when time allows.
Cheers for now. Blue


  1. These guys are great - like the variety of colours used for the wolves - I'll be sure to check back for reference when I get round to painting my lot up...

  2. What's not to like. Small, green and mean just the way god intended. Really like these.