Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lead Painters League Round 5: Tolkien

Hi all,

I'm running a little behind on posting up the latest round of the LPL figures that I can share with you.  My life has taken a turn into the insanely hectic and its starting to impact my figure painting...I know...its a crime...but cest le vie eh?

Anyway...Round 5 of the LPL was the Tolkien  themed round and it saw some truly amazing entries...if you want some inspiration please take a stroll through the won't be disappointed.  With this round entrants could earn bonus points for matching the well as by including a second team of five figures representing an opposing force for your first team.  Yes, that means a total of ten figures for this week...and as usual I was working on them right up till the last possible moment....and beyond....I'm pretty sure I dreamed about this entry even after I had sent the pictures in!

As most of you know my collection of figures is almost wholly composed of classic Citadel and Marauder figures...and not centered on Tolkien figures at all.  Finding myself at a loss for figures to paint...and not wanting to buy a bunch of figures solely for the purpose of painting... I put out a call on CDO asking if anyone wanted me to paint their LoTR figures for them.  Luckily for me a forum member gladly shipped me a box that contained both teams that I needed for this round.

I chose to recreate the scene from Fellowship of the Ring known as the "Ambush at Amon Hen" where Boromir is killed and Merry and Pippin captured by Uruk Hai.  Squeezing all 10 figures into one 800x800 pixel shot was a challenge...particularly at 2:30am with VERY tired eyes.

Here is what I managed to capture

And here are a couple of close-ups showing a bit more detail from the action shot above

Round 6 of the LPL is in full swing and I'm madly trying to get round 7 painted right now.  I've just learned that some fieldwork that had been scheduled to begin in mid May has been moved up to next week...and will last through mid May...sigh....that means I will be trying to get my last three rounds painted and photographed in a hotel room in upstate New York...sigh...we'll see how that goes.  It could be a rough couple of weeks.



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  1. Superb work - especially for 2.30am!

    More best wishes for the final rounds of the LPL mate!