Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chaos...the BIG and the small...Part 3.5 Taking advantage of the daylight

This afternoon my wife was kind enough to take the kids and leave me home to fart around...BY MYSELF!  it was glorious!

Anyway...I got a little painting done on the next 3 Chaos Warriors...and they are coming along fine.  Being at my painting desk at a time of day when I'm normally at work I noticed that I get wonderful daylight at about 11:30 right now.

So I took advantage of the rare situation and snapped an "in process" photo using the day light.  I only had my iPhone available but it takes decent pictures.

Hmmmm...maybe that blue guy shouldn't be photographed in front of a blue background!  Oh was a rush job to get the pic before the light moved off desk.  Proper photos will come when complete of course.

These guys are about 80% done...mostly weapon hafts, hair, horns and gold/bronze bitz to go.  I hope to have them done in the next day or two...then three more to go...I'm sure HlH is begining to wonder if I ran off with his CWs! (sorry mate)...They're on the top of my list!....time permitting...;)




  1. hi,

    I was wondering if you could give us a bit more of an indepth tutorial on how you painted your metallic chaos warriors, they look great?

    this sort of information would be really helpful:

    do you undercoat black or white?
    do you then base coat them with mithril silver, or some other silver paint?
    what inks do you use (brand)?
    do you dilute the inks?

    i would really love to know, as i'm about to start painting up my horde of "old school" chaos warriors (i.e. metallic).

    hope this is not too much of request :)


  2. Sure not a problem. Its sounds like you have the right idea already.

    I base coat Black...always.
    I painted the armor with GW Bolt gun metal and highlighted up through mithril silver...only 3-4 layers. I also leave a pretty distinct black line between plates and parts.

    I then washed with the appropriate color ink...for the Blue Armor I used some ancient Citadel Blue Ink...from the like the early 1990' is VERY dark so had to be diluted with 2 parts water 1 part ink. The other washes I used (Green and Purple) are all from Reaper Master Series and were used full strength. In fact I think I ended up using two coats of the green to get the depth of color I was looking for.

    If I were to do it again...or had a whole bunch more of these with colored metallics to do I would probably do some this way but also look into buying some "metallic medium" from Vallejo...just mix in some color and you have a custom colored metallic paint.

    Let me know if you have more questions.

  3. thanks for taking the time to describe your metallic method.

    i used to basecoat black, but at the time (20 years ago) i found gw paints didn't cover well enough. i was for ever applying several coats just to get some depth to the colour. so i switched to white for that very reason.

    maybe i should revisit my old black undercoat days (at least for my "dark" chaos warriors :)) and see how it goes.

    just to clarify; did you mix some badab black in your inks too (as you mentioned in your posts)?

    thanks again.

  4. oh, i forgot to ask how you did the twin axe dude too?

    i promise i won't bug you about painting anymore :)


  5. Not a problem friend...I've learned most of what I know from reading others blogs and asking a lot of questions so I'm glad to help.

    Yes I did mix in some Babad black into the blue wash...I think that was the only one.

    Here is the system for the bronze armor:

    1. Prime Black
    2. Base coat with VMC Chocolate Brown
    3. Paint with Dwarf Bronze (mine is ancient so I don't know if it has changed)
    4. Wash with Gryphone Sepia
    5. Bronze again
    6. 50% bronze 50% Mithril Silver
    7. 75% Mithril Silver 25% Bronze for the final highlights.

    I hope that helps.