Saturday, August 30, 2014

Unit Building....adding Command sections to my Old Brets

As Mentioned in my previous Post about building new units for my classic Brettonian army I mentioned that I had several units without command sections.  This is due to the fact that the, somewhat obscure, range of Brettonian figures that was released during the 3rd edition didn't contain any command sections.  This has forced me to look outside the Citadel catalog for some suitable models.

I've been looking at some of the sculpts sold by Black Tree Designs and when they had their summer sale I took the plunge and ordered a couple of blisters that I thought would work nicely.  I purchased figures from their fantasy range Men of  Averaign (all of which make great Bret alternatives) as well as some from their Hundred Years War Range.  Lets take a look at how they worked out.

First up are the foot knights.  This unit is a bit on the small side so the addition of a Standard and a couple of generic foot knights has gone a long way to fleshing it out.  I now have it up to a unit of 14...I'd love to get it up to around 20 but the last few Foot Knights I need from the Citadel range are proving very challenging to find. they are with their new Standard Bearer and some reinforcements....sadly there are no appropriate musicians I could find for this unit.

Next up are the Retainers.  As you may remember this unit is already of significant size (18 troops) but needed command to finish it the addition of three command models brought the unit up 21...which is my favorite size unit for photographic reasons.  This command set is a combination of standard bearer and musician from the Averaign range and a leader from the Hundred Years War Foot Knight Command pack.  I think they work quite well together and really bring this unit up to speed.

Lastly we have the archers.  Here I was able to employ the Averaign Archer Command pack directly and the fit was perfect right off the bat.  I'm really happy with how these additional figures bring this unit together so nicely.

Well there you have it...I think they are looking quite nice now and ready for me to finish cleaning flash etc, base coat, and paint.  However I will probably put these guys back in storage for now as I have other things that I would like to get finished before the Oldhammer in the New World event in October....

...more on that later...




  1. Good finds on those, they're very fitting.
    I'm kind of in love with the idea of a 3rd edition Brettonian army but I'd be starting pretty much from scratch. I'm kind of waiting for the Divine convergence of having a fat wad of cash and finding some old fading Warhammerer who's selling a whole one outright.

    1. Keep your eyes open and it may happen. It was a complete pipe dream for me too until I stumbled unto just such a seller. It wasn't a super bargain but a decent deal and it gave me a good start as well as some duplicates to trade to further expand the ranks. Dare to dream!

  2. I really like this unit completion series. I am coming to the conclusion that, although I have an emotional attachment to them, I am not going to pay "collector" prices for some of the old lead. I think newer models that evoke the feel can be just as good. Thanks for pointing out some nice ranges.

    1. I fully agree...there are holes in the Oldhammer citadel catalog that need filling and sometimes the best option is to use in production models. White Knight and Clams operations are a perfect example of this...amongst many other.