Saturday, August 9, 2014

I've got the "not at BoYL" blues! ...Let's build units! I sit here wishing I was in the UK gaming with my boys...I've decided to build a number of units to satiate my need for Oldhammer!

So here is a unit I've been working on for quite awhile.....I know many people are not huge fans of 4th ed figures...but one range I've always appreciated are the excellent goblin wolf riders...they are full of character and there are 16 unique sculpts so there is plenty of variety. 

One problem though....the god awful plastic wolves they came with....I hate these almost as much as I hate the plastic boars from this period.   

Obviously the paint job on this one isn't helping but they are just awful wolves IMO.

So I set myself the goal of assembling alternative wolves for these bad boys.  As the riders are slightly larger than their earlier citadel and marauder brethren I needed to find some slightly larger wolves for them to ride.  

A couple of months ago I stumbled on a good solution...the wolves from the old Goblin War Chariots.  They are slightly bigger than the old mounts for the citadel and marauder wolf riders and they look pretty tough...take a look

Particularly when compared to the plastic crap versions

After a couple of lucky purchases on eBay and the Facebook trading page I was able to assemble 14 of these old wolves....I think they will work perfectly!  

Here are a couple of shots of the unit as it stands now.  I need to find 4 more of these wolves to finish the unit and ...resupply my chariot!  So if you have a couple laying around please drop me a the pictures!

I think they look perfect and now I can field my 4th ed wolf riders with pride! 

...just have to paint them...first...sigh.




  1. Nice work blue I've got tons of the plastics but only a handful of the old metals. Looking forward to seeing them finished

  2. Really nice.
    I just wish that it was easier to pick up old figures here in Australia.

  3. Hi BIVT !! I'll make you a "not at BoYL" comment... Plastic boars and wolfs are not really sexy, particullary compared to the Citadel Models from the same era (Kevin Adams). Wolves from the old Goblin War Chariots are a good idea.

  4. The two different eras really work well together there. By the way, I have one of those wolves in my trade/sale pile! I'll PM you on the Oldhammer forum.

  5. Nice to see you have made good use of those wolves, Blue. You're right; those plastics are among the worst of all sculpts. Getting some paint on these guys may take your mind off not being at BOYL.

  6. This may interest you re. metal wolves: