Sunday, August 10, 2014

I've got the "not at BoYL" blues! ...Let's build units! Part II

Ok... So the gobos weren't quite enough...

...after them I dug into my wood elf box.  As some of you know I was asking for assistance in picking a leader for one my units of wood elf spearmen on Facebook the other day.  Long story short....I've settled on the guy holding the giant sword for a let's look at that unit first.

15 wood elf spearmen with standard, musician, and hero.

It took me quite awhile to assemble this many sylvan spears...with sufficient variety of models.  On this side of the pond these figures seem to be quite rare...or have been relegated to the limbo of BIN sales with price no one will ever pay...a terrible fate for a miniature that just wants to be painted..:)

Anyway...that unit got my juices flowing so I also built my two archer units and pulled together the war dancers I've managed to gather so's looking like a nice force...

To this nice infantry base will be added a unit of silver helms, one of horse archers, a few mounted personalities, and a wild cat handler.  I'll build those in the future.

I have to blame this whole wood elf jag on my painting of Glam for last years BOYL event...Jess Goodwin quickly became one of my favorite sculptors....again...:)

Cheers for now!



  1. Nice collection, I'm currently working on a regiment of the bowmen. Man are those mini thin, I started basing them last night.

  2. This will make one great looking force, this is a nice collection.

  3. Hmm Blue, I see that we track the same models :( I'm looking forward to seeing how you plan to paint them