Sunday, August 10, 2014

I've got the "not at BoYL" blues! ...Let's build units! Part III

...hey...this unit thing is kinda of addictive!  That now that I've started I can't seem to stop!

After the success with the wood elves I dove into my Brettonian Box and went to work on the infantry.

The first unit I worked on here were the archers.  Right now I have a unit of 18 archers...but no command section.  I love the brets from the third edition but they were not really a complete range as they lacked any command section sculpts...?!? they are.

Since this photo was taken Black Tree Designs began their summer sale and I have picked up some command models that I think will work well these archers...I'll post updated photos when they arrive.
There are three duplicate models in the photo that I will put in the for sale box when the command section arrives.

Next I based up the foot knights.  I had considered mixing some imperial dwarfs into this unit but have opted against it...more on that later.  So sadly this unit is looking a little small...but I hope to keep adding to it over coming months.

One unit that is looking really excellent...but is also in need of command retainer unit.  I'm really liking how this unit has come together.

To mix things up a little I've also decided to add a unit of dwarfs to this army.  Models like many of the imperial dwarfs ...and the Marauder Dwarf Longbeards don't really fit with my puff and slash style why not combine them into a unit in my Bret army?

I think they will fit in quite nicely once painted.  I also plan on adding a few more of the Citadel Imperial Dwarfs to dilute the Marauder influence a little further but I'm happy with how they look together and properly employ some figures I didn't have a purpose for to this point.

After the dwarfs I had decided to rank up my crossbowmen.

...but I've run out of straight slot bases...

So that's all for the unit building right now...but it has been a fun little exercise.  I feel good about where I am with my collection...and the process has let carefully identify what models I still want to find...and to locate some spares as well.  A sale thread will be coming soon!!

Cheers for now!



  1. You've got some nice models there, including a few Bretonnian retainers that I've been searching for for a while. Those few models go for quite high prices it seems. Good call on adding the dwarf unit too. I'd thought the same about using the old Citadel imperial dwarves as they're all tabards and heraldry too.

  2. Blue,

    I have to ask. How on earth do you get your models so clean and bright looking? Some
    special concoction you bathe them in before basing?

    ~the internet