Saturday, January 19, 2019

"Message for you Sir!!!" -Bret Casualty Figures

Hi all,

Back with a quick post about two newly painted figures.  These are the first two figures from a rather unusual "side quest" that I have undertaken in the already niche hobby of Oldhammer figure appreciation...that of collecting casualty figures...and specifically those that were common in almost all of citadel ranges of the 2nd-3rd editions of WFB.

These specific figures...two Bretonnians come from the short lived and poorly cataloged 3rd edition Bret range produced by the Perry Twins...which includes many of my favorite frenchie-flavored sculpts of all time. addition to the many 5th edition Bret figures you have seen grace the pixels of this blog...I also have an entire 3rd edition Bret army...that waits patiently in the to-do pile...:)

Its fine...I can quit when ever I want!  I swear! Trust

Anyway...onto the figures.  One is your traditional casualty...lying flat on his back arms akimbo, staring vacantly into space as darkness closes in...

The other is a bit more that this poor bloke is in the process of  becoming casualty.  Suddenly an arrow has sprouted from his chest and he is none to happy about it!! lol...  Though it does bring to mind one of my favorite scenes from Holy Grail...

"Message for you Sir!!"

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

RT Bat Rep: Escape From Putney Prime!!!

HHeeeeeyyyyy!!!  Ya'll Remember me....?  I'm Back!!!

 Stardate: 1001.2356
Location: Surface of Putney Prime

Corporal Grove could almost taste that the Combat Burger now! All he had to do now was get off this hell planet and back to the space station and he was going straight to the burger shack for a meal....

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Its the Happiest time of the Year!!! Oldhammer Season!!! Part II

Hello all...and welcome back.

Today we are off to Monolith-Con...a small gathering of hardcore Oldhammer geeks enthusiasts that takes place in an undisclosed location deep in the middle of a corn field somewhere in the Midwestern United States...

This amazing event saw three straight days packed with gaming...we Gamed...we ate...we gamed some more...we slept for a few hours and we did it all again.

It was Glorious!!!

Here are some shots of the amazing action taking place.

Ambulls on the Rampage!!!

Beatmen Advance!

Chaos Dwarf War Ponies prepare to charge

Cold One Cavalry wedge

Feeling Crabby...

ooohhh...sparkly!!!! :)

Dark Elf Battle line

Imperial Dread

Dwarf Army Prepares to receive the attack of Black Vasken!

Lots of rules lawyering...sigh

Troll Slayers Advance to make their destinies!

The most Oldhammer thing EVA!!!


Next time Vasken!!! Next time...

Cheers for now!


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Its the Happiest time of the Year!!! Oldhammer Season!!! Part I

Hi all,

For the past couple of years the weeks before thanksgiving have become my favorite of time year...the Oldhammer season!!

Once again this year I was able to attend two amazing events on back to back weekends and both were a ton of fun.

The first was the Oldhammer in the Jerz event hosted by Nigel Wood in Little Falls New Jersey.  There were quite a few good games...lots of excellent trading...and most importantly fantastic TACOS!!

The second Oldhammer event of the Fall was Monolithcon!!  A small event hosted in the middle of America somewhere in a lonely and desolate corn field.

For this post I want to share with you some of the pictures I took while at the Jerz event...I'll put the Monolithcon shots up in a couple of days...

Highlights of 2nd Oldhammer in the Jerz...

Bugs advance through the hive...

...and then attack!!!

Acceptable losses...

Look at that sexy Dark Elf WEDGE!!!

all hail HYDRA!!!

"Wheres the rest of my squad?"

Space Pirates hoping to sneak up on some bugs!



The Showdown...
 It was a great event...and as you can see there were lots of great games being played.

Thanks Nigel!!!



Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Chaos Renegades...3rd Squad...a beginning...

Howdy all,

***Insert excuse for long time between posts here*** that we have that out of the way...

This fall has been a flurry of old school gaming activity and I have a lot of catching up to do so lets carry on with the Renegades.

As part of an abortive attempt to take part in the Old World Army Challenge-Squad Sprint...I have completed the first few models for Renegade Squad 3.

I started with the heavy weapon trooper for the squad and opted to go with this multi-melta guy in a fairly muted color scheme.  In addition to the heavy weapon trooper I went for two great "Nurgle Marines" and, of course, painted them in the least Nurgle-y paint jobs I could think of.  For Old Tentacle Face I went with Yellow and Blue and I like to think of the Tentacle arm flamer guy as a corrupted Storm trooper...hence the white armor.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Return to Chaos Renegades...2nd Squad Complete

Hi all,

I'm finally emerging from the post Old World Army Challenge painting slump and managed to finish a couple of Chaos Renegades.  Finishing these two also means that I have completed the 2nd Squad!! 

To finish out the 2nd Squad I did have to transfer one Renegade to be the seed trooper for 3rd he was just too similar to one of the figures already included in 2nd squad.  So I replaced him with a different bolter armed renegade and added another Heavy weapon trooper to the unit...this one a fungoid body renegade with a conversion beamer.

Here is a group shot showing the complete 2nd squad.  Below are individual pics of the new troopers and some discussion of each.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Battle of Gallum Pass...

Hi all,

I'm still in the midst of the Oldworld Army Challenge and have not had the opportunity or drive to blog about anything else...I'm almost done with my figure painting for the challenge though and should return to regular programming starting soon.

In the mean time...I have a little something different for you today.  This morning I was chatting with Airborne Grove about up coming projects and I decided to work up an all mounted Greenskin Army list.  As I grabbed my Warhammer Armies book to do some calculating I also grabbed an old note pad that was stored with my rule books.  As I flipped through this looking for a blank page to write on I noticed that it was VERY old and that it was a note book that I had done some writing in when I was but a beardling...The writing in this notebook dates from 1990 or 1991!!

And I thought I would share one piece of what I found in this ancient tome...

...So I present to you a story that has waited nearly 30 years for its public debut...and I present it in the hand writting of my 16-17 year old self...Horrendous spelling and all ...