Sunday, October 18, 2020

Marauder Goblin Wold Boys...The odd balls. we are again...

You may have thought: "He must be done now! after torturing us with all those blister packs..."

...but you would be wrong! 😂

Today I'm back with the Odd Balls of the Marauder Wolf Boyz Horde that I've assembling.

These are figures that don't appear in the packs...or have been "converted" in some way.  Several of them are figures sold as Infantry Goblins...but I have mounted them on wolves.  One of them used to be on a different type on mount all together! ...and one of them isn't even a Marauder miniature.

Anyway...Lets take a look. 

The first three are figures that were not intended to be on Wolfs that I "converted" to fit on a Wolfie..

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Marauder Goblin Wolf Boys Hero Pack! MM32/1

The last of the blister packs from the 3rd edition Marauder Wolf Boys range that I need to share with you is the two figure Command pack MM32/1.  This pack contains the fantastic Major Hero on a cloth barded wolf with a back banner, as well as the mounted archer Hero who is one of my absolute favorite sculpts from this range.

Both these figures are fantastic...and it is obviously from the Hero's back banner with its Dagger and Heart symbol that I have taken to replicate for the shields on all the riders from this range.  I feel like this pulls the whole force together in a cohesive manner despite the variety of sculpts contained in the range.

Here they are with the Catalog Drawings

Monday, October 5, 2020

Marauder Goblin Wolf Boys MM34/3 and MM34/4

 Hi all,

Back with a couple more Blister Packs worth of wolf boys for you!  This one is going to be a bit special because MM34/4 contains my Holy Grail Wolf Boy.  Yes!! the White whale miniature that I hunted for about 5 years before finally finding a copy.  Not only did I find him...but he is painted and ready for the table!

Anyway...I get a head of myself!  Here are the new packs...and their related catalog pics.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Marauder Wolf Boys MM34/1 and MM34/2!!! Double Feature!!

 I had planned to post up one new blister of painted wolf boys a week as I worked through this range...but the time between posts and started to stretch out again so I thought I better kick it into high gear and do a double issue!! I'm getting impatient and want to share these pictures ASAP..:😉

Lets get right to it.  Here are the two packs with their catalog drawings.


Friday, September 11, 2020

Marauder Wolf Boys MM32/2

 Hi all,

Another week another Blister pack of Marauder Goblin Wolf Boys!

Today we will be looking at one of my favorite packs from this range MM32/2.  Most of these blister packs have at least one figure that I like less than the others...but in this case I really like all three of these sneaky lil gitz.This is a solid pack all around. 

Here they are as a group...

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Maurder Wolf Boys MM32/4

 Hi all,

Here we are back with the next blister of Marauder wolf boys. 

If you stare at the Marauder MM32/34 Wolf Boys long enough...and the way that they are divided up into blister packs you start to see that there is some level of reasoning behind at least some of the packs.  This pack, MM32-4, is one of those "theme" packs...this one is full of Goblins who feel that "less-is-more" in the armor department...preferring to ride into combat with only a snazzy helmet on...or a bad ass fur vest!  What they lack in protective equipment they make up for in character and enthusiasm!

Here they are!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Marauder Wolf Boys Intro and MM32/3

 Hi all,

I'm finally back with some finished Wolf Boys!  I'll start this parade of Wolfie goodness by having a look at the classic (and my favorite) Wolf Boys the Marauder MM32/34 Ranges.  The catalog pics for the old Marauder promotional material was based on Black and White line drawings of the figures ...which do a adequate job of capturing the figures features but don't really express the character of the figures fully.  While these are not the work of the "Goblin-master" Kev Adams, but rather from the talented hands of Trish Carden (Morrison), they are distinct from their Citadel brethren...but I find them a very appealing alternative.