Monday, January 31, 2022

The Knights Errant join the Armee of the Marquis

 Hi all,

Work has continued apace on the new unit of Knights Errant that I'm looking to add to my Bretonnian army for use in both Oldhammer games as well as Oathmark. 

These guys were a lot of fun to paint and also quite a challenge.  There is a LOT of fabric to shade properly on the horses themselves, and the sculpting on the faces of some of the troopers is a little soft and proved difficult for me to complete to my satisfaction.  In reality the sculpts are probably fine but I'm long out of practice on painting the fairly gracial faces of humans in comparison to the exaggerated features found on goblin, orc and dwarf figures.

...either way...they are done now and its time to move on.

Here is the whole unit and below are individual shots of the unit members.


Though the individual paint jobs are fairly basic and lack the super intricate heraldry of many Bretonnian knights, I feel that as a unit the bold colors and the quartered Carparisons and shields make for a nice looking unit on the table.  The issues that I have with some of the individual figures and paint jobs seem less problematic when the unit is appreciated as a whole.

Here are shots of the individual Knights...

So there they are!  Really a great looking unit and further evidence that the Perry Bros are just fantastic sculptors.  This range continues to impress me and I'm actually excited to paint some more Brets before returning to add some more infantry to my greenskin army.




  1. Absolutely brilliant - these are some of my favourite Warhammer figures and you have done a great job on them.

  2. Superb! I love a good Bretonnian knight, and here's ten of them!

  3. Beautiful, magnificent work. I think you really nailed them, they look splendid.

  4. Beautiful, Blue. Love'm, but I agree that some of the heads are lacking facial details, but I think you got the best out of them. Very well done, Monsieur

  5. Fantastic work. I am certainly going to copy some of your work as i have a pile of the chaps at home that need attenfing too. Thanks for the inspiration.