Friday, December 16, 2016

Chaos Renegade #16 we are again.

The renegade painting is coming easy right now so I'm continuing to ride that wave while it lasts.

#16 is another classic Sculpt...This guy comes from the non-denominational portion of the Renegade range.  In the catalog he is known as One Eye

Really a fantastic Sculpt...the leering skull like head with the down turned horns is very effective and suitably creepy.  My thoughts for color schemes went all over the place with figure...and in the end landed in the weirdest place I could have imagined! 

My thought was to employ some of the subtle colors I've used on some of my Bretonnian figures...but the highlighting got away from me and the colors transitioned into something different...but some how more compelling.

Here he is...

I hadn't really planned on a second Pink Renegade at this point...but I think the tone of this one is so different from the more "bubblegum" color of Renegade #13 that they may still be able to remain in the same squad.

Anyway...Cheers for now...



  1. Totally different pink. He is super creepy and I love the contrast of the metallics on the gun against the pastels of the armor.

  2. I'd love to see that pink highlighted with striations instead of normal highlighting, to give the appearance of muscle tissue.

  3. Your old renegades look amazing, very great job.