Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Chaos Renegade #14...back on the Crazy Train...

Hello all,

I'm back after yet another long hiatus.  I could make excuses but whats the point...luckily I have not been completely devoid of hobby since my last post.  Just the opposite in fact...I have relocated my painting "mojo" and now have a variety of projects percolating addition to that I have had some fantastic gaming with the Monolith as well as with my local gaming crew.  So I have plenty of things to blog about...I just need to sit my ass down and write a bit more often. the point.  Among the other things that I have been working on I managed to squeeze in another Chaos Renegade.  There is so much amazing sculpting in this range...amazing and varied. This renegade is no exception.  His pose is quite unique and the fact that he has a traditional space marine beakie helmet and at pink horror arm only make him more interesting.

Here he is in all his glory...

As you can see I went with a gray and orange color scheme for the armor and a dark pink for the mutated arm.  The gray is quite similar to the that used on Renegade #9...and when I published the blog post for that figure I had a couple of requests for a walk I managed to remember to take a number of pictures as I worked on this guy so that I can share the process.

Now I should start by saying there is nothing special (or efficient) about the way I paint...I use a lot of layers...there are almost certainly much quicker ways to paint a figure...but this is the result that I prefer and that's a good enough for me.

As with almost all my figures, this one was primed with dark gray auto primer.  Then I set about blocking out the the base colors...I like to get each base color established, this helps me think about the overall color scheme, and then I can highlight each color individually.

As you might imagine I started with the Gray base color which I applied to the large open armor surfaces.

For this I used the old Citadel foundation color Adeptus Battlegrey

Next was the Orange Base coat...for this I used Vallejo Panzer Aces Light Rust (301)...this was applied to the edging of the armor and on a portion of the backpack.

And this was followed by applying Bolt Gun metal on the ribbing of the armor as well as hoses, back pack vents, and weapons

Now with all the base colors in place (other than his mutated arm which I will do last) I set about highlighting the gray.  The first highlight consisted of Vallejo Game Color Cold Grey

To increase the contrast I started mixing in a much lighter gray in the form of Vallejo Game Color Stonewall Grey

Now we are getting somewhere!  Finally I used straight stone wall grey for the final highlight and at this point the figure is really starting to pop well.

Feeling satisfied with the gray, I moved on to highlighting the Orange portions of the armor.  This was accomplished by mixing in a bit of Vallejo Panzer Aces Yellowish Rust (303) in increasing amounts.

As you might imagine the next highlight was straight Yellowish Rust and then I started to mix in a Rich yellow from Reaper...Palomino Gold

When I was content with the Orange I moved back to the metals.  For the "silver" portions all I did was give them a black wash.  For the Gold I used Vallejo Old Gold which was highlighted by mixing in Silver...and then it was washed with Sepia wash...quick effective metals.

At this point the figure was pretty much complete...except for the Mutant arm...and here I ran into some trouble.  My first issue was color selection...I attempted a Green color first...hated it and re-primed...I tried a blue color...didn't like that either...and so decided to paint the arm a very light base color and then to use a variety of washes and inks to give the arm an interesting color while maintaining a more organic feel vis a vis the Armor.  I'm still not 100% sure about the color but I'm going with it!

Luckily for you I didn't take pictures of all my attempts so I won't too you too fact I have only this one WIP shot of the arm...

After this picture was taken I added one more layer of color with my ancient chestnut ink...which mellowed out the pink a bit and brought us to our final product. 

Oh...of course I also painted the "eyes"...and I stuck with yellow for this as I have with most of the other Renegades.

For a figure that I wasn't very fond of at first, I now find myself quite pleased with it overall...he is quite unique...even among the renegades...but some how it all still "works"

Cheers for now...I'll be back with more soon.



  1. He looks great Blue! I'm a real fan of Gryphone Sepia too....I think I use it on just about every mini I paint.

    Are you feeling better now? Airborne mentioned that you had a little difficulty keeping your food down a few weeks ago :P

    Cheers :)

    1. All better now thanks! though my back has been giving me trouble lately. Old age sucks!

  2. When I first looked at the pictures, I thought he was painted with metallics! Excellent work

  3. Fantastic work Blue. Your layers are always so smooth. Did you use glaze medium on this guy? I need to work harder on blending.

    1. no Glaze medium other than in the glazes on the mutated arm.

  4. Cracking job, wow! You say you aren't satisfied with the flesh? The color is just perfect, and the way you painted it is out of scale!

    1. thanks Suber...It was tough going. I'm happy with how it came out...

  5. Blue this guy looks amazing! It is kind of a nin-metallic metal iron warrior scheme!