Sunday, December 11, 2016

Chaos Renegade #15 ...Tanglefoot

Hi all,

I'm back with yet another Renegade.  While I had intended #14 to be a filler piece while I readied a unit of dwarfs for priming and painting ...I couldn't help to squeeze in one more of these the prep work on the dwarfs is taking longer than expected...

As I've mentioned before I have about a dozen Renegades primed and ready to go on my desk so my habit has been to pick them up randomly...decide on one that strikes my fancy at that moment and get to work on it.  This time the figure that stood out to me was one of the Nurgle the 1991 Blue Catalog he is called "Tentacle Arm Skull Head" NICE!  This guy has got it going on!

...and like all the Nurgle Renegades is just Perfect Sculpting.  It was the Skull head, in fact, that inspired the paint scheme.  With that skull helmet I knew I wanted Bone White to be a predominate color for the armor...

...the fact that bone white is about as far from a "traditional Nurgle" paint scheme was also quite appealing...:)

Deciding on the color for the Armor trim was a little more difficult but after thorough discussion with my color consultant this is the scheme I settled on. 

The tentacle arm, leg, and "beard" offered me another opportunity to work with inks and glazes...this was a good follow on to my experiments on the mutated arm of Renegade #14.  This time I started with my normal flesh tone and a strong highlight with Dhneb Stone.  Over this I applied a whole variety of washes...Ogryn Flesh...??? Nightshde...Reaper Purple Ink.... Reaper Green Ink mixed with Badab Black etc...Ancient Citadel Blue ink...etc... I really wet to town!  I did end up highlighting the tips of the tentacles after finishing up with the inks.  I was quite nervous about how it was working out right up until the end...  but I think it worked out quite well and gives a good contrast between the organic tentacles and the synthetic armor.

Also...the name...Tanglefoot...Obviously his right foot is a mass of tentacles so it probably gets tangled on things... but I also chose this name because "Tanglefoot" is the nickname of one of my gaming buddies.

This ones for you Tom

(no...Not you ABG...:) )




  1. Wow, man, not only your painting rate is amazing, your paintjob keeps leaving me jaw dropping. Excellent work.

    1. Thanks Suber! I've finally hit a patch where I have the time and motivation to get something done...but I certainly wouldn't say I was fast! I started another last night and spent the whole painting session getting the base coat on the color...the whole time...sigh

  2. This one turned out pretty sweet. I think you're onto something with your mutations. I'll have to try something like that with my Eureka Beastmen.

    1. Thanks Sean! The mutations are a fun place to play around with some of the other painting techniques like inks etc. that I don't have much experience with and they do provide a nice visual contrast to the layered armor.

  3. I really can't tell you how much I love these renegades of yours. It is a marvel that you've managed to make the colours so bright without losing any of the terror that these villains should inspire. Dead brilliant.

    1. That means a lot Matt thanks! The encouragement I receive from other painters is very motivating. thanks.