Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Citadel Wolf Riders ...Face Mace and the boyz...

 Hi y'all,

Here is just a quick post to share with you the current state of the Citadel Wolf riders that I delved into immediately after the wrapping up the Marauder Wolf Boys.

I really love all of these figures and the amazing skills of Kev Adams are clearly on display in this unit..everyone of them is a pleasure to paint and is full of character.  Overall these Wolf boys have a leaner, hungry feel to them and they ooze mischief and casual violence.  

...and of course you have FACE MACE!!!


and here are the rest...


I will eventually add 6 more figures to this group and separate it into two units...but they look good as one large unit for now.

Next up are the 4th editon Marauder wolf boyz!




  1. Hey Blue! Wolfs fur are perfect, defenetly my heart goes to the Citadel models than those from the Marauders range.

  2. I absolutely love these wolf riders and you've done an amazing job on them. When you think their nearly 40 years old, I think they still hold up well against anything since and clearly shows what an amazing talent Kev Adams was/is. Plus a lot of the infantry from the same period can be used for riders making for more unique units.

  3. Excellent. These guys are brilliant!

  4. Hi, some lovely goblins there. Do you mind me asking the name of the artist and title of the Durer-esque picture you have as the background to your site?