Thursday, November 26, 2020

4th Edition Marauder Goblin Wolf Boys...the end is in sight ya'll!!

 Hi all,

Yes! its true! The end is in sight! I'm nearly complete with the long running Goblin Wolf Boy project that has been the theme of of Quarintime Painting.

Today I bring you the last of the big groups of Wolf boys...after this there will be 6-10 more random Citadel riders I will paint up in the future to round out some units...but this is the last big batch.

This time I'm presenting my take on the 4th edition wolf boys.  These fantastic Colin Dixon sculpts were done for the Marauder range...when it was being re-incorporated back in to mainstream Citadel.  These figures were one of the first to come with the new range of plastic mounts that citadel released with the new edition.  These guys came with extremely large plastic wolves...I've never liked them and opted to find alternative mounts for my troopers.

I tried all the metal wolf options I could think of and none of them really fit properly as these goblins are a fair amount larger than their 3rd edition brothers...and the 3rd edition wolves seem quite small under these guys.  Finally I settled on the old Wolf sculpts from the classic Goblin Battle Chariots.  These wolves are quite a bit larger than the other wolves used for mounts and they fit very well with the 4th edition goblins. I took me quite awhile to track down 16 of these wolves...but with that goal accomplished I settled down to prepping the unit and started painting.

Here is the assembled unit...


and here they are Painted!!!

This unit is really composed of four troop types...we have four archers, four spear and shield armed troopers, four hand weapon and shield riders, and a command section of four with Hero, Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer.

Spear Armed Riders...

Mounted Archers...

Command Section...

I'm really happy with how this unit turned out...I like these large Chariot wolves and think that they are a VAST improvement over the plastic monstrosities they were released with (YMMV).  

Due to their slightly larger size, in comparison to the 3rd ed wolf boys, I will either be running these guys as an elite unit....or possibly as hobgoblins to account for the size difference.

Eventually I may add 4 four more archer figures and split this into two units of 10 for use in Oathmark as well as Oldhammer games. 

So thanks for coming on this wild Goblin filled ride with me!! I'm extremely excited to get all these wolf boys on the table for some group shots in the near future...and to move onto new projects for a bit.




  1. Such a big beefy unit with some fresh beefy wolves. Top notch effort Blue! I’ve enjoyed following along with the whole project.

  2. A stunning unit !!! These metal wolves are a great choice 👍

    1. thanks! a third variant would have been nice but I really like these wolves.

  3. I love how a well-executed modern paint job brings these old sculpts to life - they are stunning.

  4. These came out great! Also, I'm glad to see that you're still using a blog format! Guess I'm just old school and prefer a blog over social media.

    1. Thanks! I see this blog as the permanent record of my work. I post things on FB and Instagram as well but they are more ethereal in nature...

      And really it is I who should thank you for continuing to read my blog. Comments on the blog are what keep it worthwhile. Cheers to you and all readers!

  5. I love seeing units completed :) Question: what are you going to do with all your battle chariots?

    1. I managed to find these wolves without having to buy a bunch of full chariot sets. I have two chariots with wolves that I will paint at some point.

  6. Wow, they are beautiful. Impressive indeed, I love how distinctive yet cohesive they look. Wonderful.