Monday, November 16, 2020

Citadel Goblin Stickas ...a new Unit is born

 Hi all,

Today I have a few more excellent Kev Adams Goblin sculpts to share with you, and for once they have nothing to do with wolf riders!


...thats not exactly true.  😁  

 These are actually all goblin infantry figures that I had determined could be "converted" to fit on wolves and join my mounted I painted them along with all the citadel wolf boys I showed in the last post.  But as the wolf rider project evolved, I found that I already had enough mounted archers and so, these guys would have to revert to their original function as infantry. In this case as a unit of Stickas.  So I pulled had to drill holes in their feet to pin them to the bases because I had already removed their tabs to make them into cavalry...but it was worth the effort...some great figures in this group.  Included the bearded Goblins!

First off some unit Pics...

And then individual photos of each figure...

I will be adding to this unit eventually, hoping to bring it up to 20 in size.

Cheers for now,



  1. 100 Dawg! Fantastic unit...and maybe these are the guys who lost their wolves last battle, or they dismounted. Maybe model one of his wolf holding a rein or something.

    1. oh snap!!! I love this idea! Goblin Dragoons!! lmao!

    2. and yes I had started to think of them as Goblins who lost their wolves...or have yet to earn the right to ride one. I love that idea as well.

  2. Love them and really giving me the urge to dust of my goblin collection and get some paint on them !

    Have to ask have you got my favourite sticka ? Its the goblin British commando model ?

  3. Ohhh, so lovely! Really like them! :)

  4. The colours are spot on the unit looks fantastic

  5. Such a great looking unit with fun personalities.