Thursday, September 24, 2020

Marauder Wolf Boys MM34/1 and MM34/2!!! Double Feature!!

 I had planned to post up one new blister of painted wolf boys a week as I worked through this range...but the time between posts and started to stretch out again so I thought I better kick it into high gear and do a double issue!! I'm getting impatient and want to share these pictures ASAP..:😉

Lets get right to it.  Here are the two packs with their catalog drawings.



MM34/1 is one of those blisters that has two great figures and one...Meh figure. The dude on the left is a little dodgy (but does look better than you would expect from that line art! 😑)  The other two are quite good.  The spear man has an amazing jawline and is one of my favorites from the range.  The archer is also an excellent figure.  This figure will appear with a hood instead of a helmet in a few packs.

MM34/2 is a solid blister all the way through in my opinion.  The guy on the left with the wicked curved blade is another favorite.  The wolf boy with the spiked club is not exceptional, but is still a characterful sculpt. And, the rider on the right turns out to be a great figure despite the catalog art...he is a wicked mischievous little devil that one.  I will have another version of this figure coming in the future that has been converted to a standard bearer.

And here are a few more pics of some of these figures on the table.

I like the double format...there is more meat on the bone.  I think I will run with that for awhile.

...and don't worry...the citadel wolf riders are coming along nicely as don't expect any break in the wolfie action soon.